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Cast: Nicole Tompkins, David Labiosa, Melissa Macedo

Director: Nicole Groton

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Year: 2020

Rating: NR

DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45, set in the 1950s, follows the residents of a NYC tenement building trapped inside in response to the threat of a biological attack during the Cold War. With supplies dwindling, paranoia sets in, leaving a troubled teenager in a desperate fight for survival against the self-appointed, deranged leader to save what remains of her makeshift family.

It is 1953 and Russia has just attacked with U.S. biological. We follow a small group of adults and children as they hide out in an apartment building. They assume they are safe from the outside work. The group consists of Hispanic Father of three, Felix who seems to be the lead. There is also Martha who is a real pain in the ass. Among the children there is Martha's niece, Joanna who suffers from mental illness.

When supplies begin to get low Felix decides he must venture outside in hopes of finding food and other things the group can use. In his absence he places Martha in charge which is a big mistake.

Weeks go by and there is no sign of Felix and Martha has turned into a delusional over bearing mess. After all no one really knows what the outside looks like and if we were ever attacked at all.

'Darkness in Tenement 45' is certainly a timely film since we are in the middle of a global pandemic but the story which was written and directed by Nicole Groton touches on so much more. The film touches on things like how us humans would act if confronted with dire circumstances. It also touches on mental health and the way people chance when given power regardless of how big or small it might be.

'Darkness in Tenement 45' has made on a micro budget and filmed in a small location with a cast of unknowns but none of that matters because once you start watching the film you are hooked and invested in it until the end. Everything about the film is incredible starting with Nicole Groton direction and writing that is suspense filled, original and believable. The cast played their roles to perfection giving realistic and intense performances. It makes it very easy to care for all the characters in one way or another.

What the film lacks in budget it more than makes up for with its story, cast and its fantastic ending that will leave you thinking about it for long after it ends. I hope this isn't the last time we see work from this amazing female director and her female driven cast. Do yourself a favor and make sure you check this out when it hits digital/VOD on November 3rd.


**** 1/2 Out Of *****