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Cast: Shaun Callaghan and Diana Porter

Director: Pete Yagmin

Genre: Supernatural, Horror-Comedy, Dark Comedy

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

A reaper seeking love in the mortal realm is disappointed to find Shaun is just like every other man she's encountered. In turn, Shaun learns a valuable lesson to treat everyone you meet with respect, because you never know who you may be dealing with.

"Dark Roast" is an independent supernatural horror-comedy short starring Diana Porter and Shaun Callaghan. Written, directed and produced by Pete Yagmin with co-producer Andrea Wolanin. there is not much to add as far as plot goes, "Dark Roast" is the directorial debut from Writer/Directer, Pete Yagmin.

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"Dark Roast" is a three minute Short but it doesn't waste a single second of time. The film gets right to it as Shaun and his girlfriend, the Reaper meet for a cup of coffee. Shawn is second guessing their relationship because ever since they began dating his fish dog and mailman have all checked it. Of course the Reaper has heard this all too often as well but like she says, "It is what I do."

The film deals with relationships in way fun and lively way. This is a well-written, clever horror/comedy that flew by, this has to be the quickest three minutes I ever spent doing anything, it left me wanting so much more. Another great think about the film was the acting, Shaun Callaghan and Diana Porter were both amazing as Shaun and the Reaper, they played off one another perfectly.

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Production wise the film looks and sounds terrific, I hope to see a lot more from this talented film maker in the not too distant future. You can visit the film's Facebook page HERE to follow the film's progress. If you get the chance to check it out do yourself a favor and do so. I had a great time watching this, "Dark Roast" is devilish fun and a little Indie gem.

***** Out Of *****