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Cast: Alex MacNicoll, Martin Kove, Genevieve Hannelius, Darlene Vogel

Director: Jax Medel

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2020

Rating: NR

Colton is convinced of the girl next door's father's ill-intentions toward her and aims to prove his evil, but doesn't know or understand exactly the occult dealings he's charging himself into.

Colton is an outgoing teenager with the summertime blues, stuck watching his little sister while his parents are on vacation. Until he notices something strange in a decrepit old house across the street. Is the house haunted? Two people just moved in: beautiful 16-year-old HEATHER, and a secretive, intimidating OLD MAN. When Colton musters the courage to introduce himself to Heather, he’ll learn that this strange man is in fact her foster father. Colton develops a crush on Heather from afar… until he witnesses disturbing and threatening behavior from her strange guardian. Soon, Colton suspects “the Man” is preparing to do something unspeakably awful to her.

But no one, not his best friend MIGUEL, not the police, not even Heather herself, believes him. Meanwhile, Heather sneaks out from under the Man’s watchful eye to visit Colton. Their relationship deepens. Then all hell breaks loose! What can I say about the Horror/Thriller, 'Day 13' that isn't already written above. I will say do not read any spoiler review before watching the movie because the pay off is worth seeing after all the mystery, suspense and tension leads up to it.

The film was directed by, Jax Medel and this was her time time behind the camera of a feature film and I must say she did a fantastic job telling the story while keeping the movie moving a great pace and while slowly giving its audience a little information at a time which leaves them constantly glued to the screen and wanting to know more.

There is also another first here, this is the first film written by both Dan Gannon and Walter Goldwalter. Again I thought the story was well written and it does a great job of hiding all its secrets until the very end.

And then we have the cast, Genevieve Hannelius does a fantastic job playing Heather who appears to be the innocent young lady. Alex MacNicoll is also amazing as Colton Fremont, the tennageer who falls for Heather from afar only to risk his own life later. Meyrick Murphy is also stellar as Colton's little sister, Rachel as is Jeremy J. Tutson who plays Colton's friend Michael. And I get forget legendary actor, Martin Kove who plays the creepy Magnus Torvald.

I wasn't sure what to expect before sitting down to watch 'Day 13' but what I got was a real gem. Some where around the 49 minute mark of the film something happens that will make your jaw drop but it seems as thought none of the characters were fazed by it but looking back I see it was hint tease of what was to follow.

'Day 13' is an intense Horror/Thriller that will have you glued to your seat all the way to its devilish end. Day 13 - VOD Release 8/4/20 - Will be Available on: Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox, Playstation, Vudu, Fandango & Vimeo. Visit the film's official page to watch it HERE

Released by Breaking Glass Pictures

**** Out Of *****