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Cast: Heston Horwin, Jillian Harris, Matt Keyes |(“American Gothic,” “Once Upon a Time”), with Q'orianka Kilcher

Director: Chris Bavota, Lee Paula Springer

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama

Year: 2020

Rating: Unrated

When Becky, a young nursing student receives a series of panicked messages from her older brother Richie, she rushes over to check on him. Following a seemingly successful suicide attempt, Richie, who suffers from mental illness, is not only very much alive but also what appears to be his own dead body. When Becca gets to his apartment, they find several more dead versions of Richie and together, try to figure out how and why he keeps being reborn each time he takes his own life.

'Dead Dicks' tells the story of a young nursing student Becky who has received a letter from a medical school stating that they have accepted her but she needs to get there in a week's time.

She has always looked after her brother Richie who suffers from depression and suicidal tendencies. One the night she plans on telling him about having to move she gets a number of frantic calls from Richie but every time she tries to call him back she just gets his voicemail.

Worried that something might be wrong she leaves her job to go check on her brother. Upon arriving at the apartment building where Richie lives she is met by a man that lives a floor below Richie who is not very happy about her brother blazing music all night.

After entering the apartment there is no sign of Richie but the music is on full blast. After calling for him she happens to look in the closet and to her horror and dismay she finds Richie, he hung himself. But things are going to get a lot stranger for Becky because to her surprise Richie walks into the room bare naked. After telling him to put clothes on Richie begins to explain to her that every time he kills himself he is reborn through a moldy looking gateway in his bedroom wall that resembles a vagina. This is when the loopy sci-fi gets interesting.

I am not going to sit here and give away the film's secrets but I will say that for the most part the film centers on the brother and sister in his apartment and for good reason. Besides being an engaging sci-fi that has a very cool moment at around the 55 minute mark the story also does an excellent job dealing with depression and how it not only effects the person but it also effects his family as well. Writers/Directors, Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer handling the mental issues with care and respect.

For a film done on a low budget it looks great and the effects used in the film are very well done. One of the important parts of a film like this is the cast. You have to have actors who can make their character's realistic and believable. Jillian Harris who plays Becky and Heston Horwin who plays Richie nail it. They are both amazing in the film and have great chemistry together.

'Dead Dicks' is a solid science fiction/horror/drama that peaks your interested right from the start and it keeps you glued to the screen waiting and wanting to see what happens to these likable characters. The film certainly brings a lot of cool ideas to the table and it ends up be an original and unique film that will leave you talking about it long after it is over.

'Dead Dicks' will be will be released on DVD, Blu-ray as well as VOD/Streaming on July 28, 2020. I highly recommend checking out this little gem.

Released by Artsploitation Films