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Cast: Megan Lynn, Kathy Sue Holtorf, Sabrina Carmichael

Supporting Cast: Bethany Brooke Anderson, Elissa Dowling, Robert Dough, Dan Sutter

Director: Shane Cole

Genre: Hoorror

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Three friends looking for a night of fun decide to stay in a supposedly haunted house. Several days later Candace finds herself in the midst of strange happenings. When she calls on her friend for help, it's up to her to seek the answers.

"Deadly Presence" tells the story of three friends, Andie, Candace and Julie. The are looking for a bit of fun so the trespass on the Stanton house. The house has long been rumored to be haunted but that doesn't seem to bother girls but after something strange happens to Candace everything changes forever. Several months go by and Andie gets a phone call from Candace who sounds strange on the phone. She asks Andie to come over, concerned Andie goes over the house to find Candace in a strange state of mind. After some drinks Andie decides to stay the night only to awaken the next morning to even stranger things. A DVD is left for her to watch along with a journal that Candace kept. Concerned she goes looking for Candace to find her dead in the bathtub. On the DVD Candace asks Andie to stay another night so she does and while she is there she attempts to piece together all this madness. After some more reading and snooping around she begins to realize that something did happen that night at the Stanton house but is it too late for Andie to escape?

"Deadly Presence" is not your run of the mill supernatural horror film. For starters this is a slow burn, the filmmakers decided to concentrate more on story and character development than on creating a bunch of cheap scares which works in their favor here. The film got my attention right from the start, it wastes no time introducing the main characters and setting up the story before jumping ahead several months and getting to the meatier part of the story. This is what I liked about the film, instead of being just another horror film it is instead an intelligent and complex story that has some very scary moments in it, a thinking man's horror film.

With a film like this one that relies on story and characters you need to get a cast that can deliver and the entire cast gave excellent performances including the three lovely leads, Sabrina Carmichael, Kathy Sue Holtorf and Megan Lynn who also shares the writing credits as well. It would not be fair to point out any one of these women because all three are amazing here, a talented and beautiful trio of actresses.

"Deadly Presence" is an engaging, smart and often terrifying horror film that breaths new life into the genre. Mainstream movie goers might have a problem with the film's slow but deliberate pace but fans of Independent cinema are sure to love it. I highly recommend checking this out when it comes to VOD in December, the DVD will follow.

Released by Brain Damage Films

**** Out Of *****