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Cast: Edward Akrout, Matt Barber, Megan Maczko

Director: Ate de Jong

Genre: Thriller

Rating: NR

A menacing young man (Edward Akrout) breaks into a suburban home and encounters a married couple (Matt Barber, Megan Maczko) having sex. He quickly bounds them and gleefully tortures the man while forcing the woman to watch. Bordering on uncomfortable sadomasochism, the story soon veers in a different, quite startling, direction one that forces the viewer to reevaluate their allegiances.

"Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey." tells the story of a couple, Allie and Tom. The couple is having sex when a man breaks into their home and beats the husband unconscious, ties him up and places him in the bath tub. He then ties up the wife and suspends her from the ceiling in the kitchen. We soon learn the intruder's name is Aaron but we question his motives and continue doing so as the story unfolds as Aaron has a full weekend to torture Tom while playing mind games with Allie.

I have to admit like many I am not that big a fan of torture porn which I was pretty sure this film was but by the time the film ended I was pleasantly surprised it was quite different. Sure it is a disturbing home invasion film especially at the beginning but once it settles in, it becomes an entertaining film with a well-written story and well-developed characters you actually care about.

So the trailer is a bit misleading because the film takes a different approach to home invasion films. Instead of the usual disturbing and violent scenes it also adds a lot of drama combined with terrific characters with back stories. It also has a great bit of mystery about it as we wait to find out why Aaron choose to invade this couple's home. The film also goes into great detail about Tom and Allie's relationship and the problems they are having.

All that plus the fact that the film wraps it all up neatly with a few twists along the way and a great ending makes this one of the better home invasion films I have seen. Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey. will be Released Exclusively on VOD February 7th. I highly recommend checking this out even to those that do not normally watch movies like this. It is filled with drama, mystery, suspense and it contain just enough violence to make it realistic without over doing it. An engaging film from start to finish.

Released by Artsploitation Films

**** Out Of *****