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Cast: Liv Collins, Adam Seybold, Ry Barrett

Director: Jesse Thomas Cook

Genre: Horror

Year: 2019

Rating: NR

In DEADSIGHT, Mara Madigan (Collins) is a pregnant police officer about to go on maternity leave. But on her last day on the job, she wakes up to a world ravaged by a nightmarish and bloody plague of the living dead. Amidst the chaos and violence, she finds Ben Neilson (Seybold), a man who is virtually blind, helpless, and has a mystery shrouding his past. Somehow these two must put their heads together and find a way to safety to escape this living hell.

'Deadsight' tells the story of Ben Neilson, a man who wakes up in the back of an ambulance handcuffed to a Gurney. His eyes are bandaged and he is semi-blind. To make matters worse no one is around and he can't seem to get anyone to answer on the ambulance radio. But things go from bad to worse when he begins getting attacked by the living dead. Then there is Mara Madigan who is just waking up to serve her last day as a police officer before going on maternity leave. She too has no idea what is going on until she leaves for work and gets no one to answer on her car radio. Before long Ben and Mara's paths collide and the two must band together in order to try and stay alive long enough to find help.

Zombies movies are a wore genre but 'Deadsight' is a refreshing take on it. For starters having two lead characters that are both "disabled" when it comes to being able to fight back against the infected is an interesting twist. The two band together to off set each others weaknesses which is Ben being unable to see and Mara who is going to have a baby any day now.

Ben also has a secret past, after all him being handcuffed to the Gurney is a bit suspicious but Mara is able to over look it for the time being. Director, Jesse Thomas Cook does a great job making the most of what he has to work with. He keeps the film moving at a nice pace while focusing on the characters and still giving us enough action to keep us all interested in what is going on.

The story is well written and for a zombie movie it is very believable and realistic for the most part. Credit the story to writers, Liv Collins and Kevin Revie. Liv Collins also plays Mara in the film. Her acting is as good as her writing. I hope to see a lot more of her in the future. Adam Seybold plays Ben and gives an excellent performance as a man fighting to stay alive against things he cannot see. Ry Barrett is also in the film and he gives a good performance as well in a limited role.

'Deadsight' has its secrets and it doesn't give them away too soon in the film which is a good thing because it keeps the audience engaged. It slowly builds on suspense and tension and there is just the right amount of kills as well to please all fans. The film's look and sense of isolation also added to the mood and atmosphere.

I had a good time watching the film and I was invested right from the start because I felt for the characters right away. Even after you find out more about Ben you still care about him. The ending also allows for some redemption as well.

'Deadsight' is one of the better zombie films I have seen in a while. It brings everything you want to the table and adds some originality and characters you can actually root for. The film is both intriguing and brutal at the same time and will be available on DVD, On Demand and Digital HD on July 2, 2019 so be sure to check out this little gem.

Released by RLJE Films

**** Out Of *****


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