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Cast: Zak Bagans

Director: Zak Bagans

Genre: Horror/Documentary

Rating: NR

In DEMON HOUSE, as mass hysteria breaks out over an alleged demonic possession in an Indiana home, referred to as a “Portal to Hell,” "Ghost Adventures" host and paranormal investigator Zak Bagans buys the house, sight unseen, over the phone. He and his crew then become the next victims of the most documented case of demonic possession in U.S. history...the “house of 200 demons.”

The documentary takes viewers inside the Gary, Indiana "Demon House” where former residents claimed to have experienced supernatural occurrences such as physical contact, possessions, and levitation.

The Indianapolis Star first revealed the house’s unusual activity in 2014 as told by the Ammons family who then resided in the home. Since the report, major news outlets including USA Today, Fox News, Huffington Post, and Daily Mail, have all reported on the paranormal events that have taken place at the house.

"Demon House" is a highly anticipated horror documentary from Zac Bagans. Paranormal enthusiasts as well as horror fans have waited for this film for several years now. I am not going to go into details about what happens here so not to ruin the film for those waiting to see it, but I will tell you what I thought of the film.

I do believe in ghosts and the supernatural, but I am not big on all these television "ghost" hunting shows. I have only caught a few episodes of "Ghost Adventures" and to be honest, I wasn't really impressed with it. .That being said I was looking forward to this film in hopes it would deliver more than a national TV show could. Plus, considering the history of the home and its residents I was ready for anything.

The film spends almost half its time trying to debunk the story and testimony of all involved and it isn't really until the end when Bagans finally decides to find out for himself what is going on inside the house. I found myself losing interest several times as the film moved along. Most of what is seen is reenactments. There is an incident that involved the little boy in the Ammons family that was supposedly filmed but it is never shown. Maybe that is because of legal reasons or whatever, but it definitely was a downer because I was waiting for something to sway me in a favorable direction but it never happened. p>The story itself of the house and the Ammons family has been well documented and on paper it sounds like an engaging and disturbing tale of a haunting but on Zak Bagans' documentary if just wasn't as convincing to me. That doesn't mean others will not like it, but it was underwhelming to me.

I found the film to be average at best and I really wasn't impressed nor was I convinced that everything that went on it the film with Bagans and his crew real. I found it to be nothing more than an average time passer. Freestyle Digital Media will release the upcoming documentary DEMON HOUSE in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on March 16, 2018.

** 1/4 Out Of *****