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Cast: Ignacio Diaz-Silverio, Yani Gellman, Ireon Roach

Director: Clare Cooney

Genre: Horror/Comedy/Mystery

Year: 2024

Rating: NR

Following an act of bullying, witty high school senior Javier develops psychic abilities which he must use to stop a mysterious serial killer targeting his classmates.

Javier is a high school student getting ready for graduation with the rest of his classmates. He hasn't had it good in school because the school jocks make it a daily routine of bullying him. On one such occasion Javier gets pushed down a flight of steps but after he awakens he realizes he now has a psychic ability. Now together with his best friend, Bianca he sets out to find who is killing his fellow students before more die.

Think of any slasher film and toss in 'Dead Zone' and you get 'Departing Seniors'. The premise works because of the film's talented cast and its writing and direction from Writer, Jose Nateras and Director, Clare Cooney. Cooney keeps the film moving at a great pace and it never gets bogged down even though there not a lot of killings in the film. He also does a great job keeping the audience guessing on who the killer is with a between a numbers of possible suspects.

As a mentioned before the cast did a fantastic job including, Ignacio Diaz-Silverio, Yani Gellman and Ireon Roach who was very impressive as his bad-ass best friend. I really enjoyed 'Departing Seniors' as a horror, thriller, whodunit mystery that keeps you engaged the entire time. The film also has a good bit of humor to keep things light when needed. The film will be on VOD on Feb 2, 2024 so be sure to check out this little gem of a slasher film. It is a film I hope they do a sequel to and I look forward to seeing what everyone involved has coming next.

Released by Dark Sky Films

*** 3/4 Out Of *****