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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jacob Zacher, Alexa Nikolas, Christa B. Allen, Jayson Blair, Justin Chon, Max Adler

Director: Alex Craig Mann

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

A group of teenagers trapped in detention fight for survival after their classmates turn into a ravenous zombie horde. Can a stoner, a jock, a bully, a goth, and a nerd put aside their differences for one night to take on the undead? Will they live to see the morning? Fat chance! This is High School after all.

High School can be hard for anyone if you do not fit in, imagine if you are the school geek and you have detention with the star jock, his hot girlfriend who you happen to have a thing for, a goth chick who happens to have a thing for you, the star jock's jock buddy and a Asian stoner. It sounds like a recipe for disaster but what the group doesn't know is that the school is about to be over run by zombies. Now they must put aside all the petty crap and work together if the will to get out alive.

"THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets ZOMBIELAND" just about sums up the zombie/comedy from first time Director, Alex Craig Mann. I have to admit I am not a big fan of horror comedies, I like my horror straight forward but if done right the occasional comedy is fun to watch. "Detention of the Dead" doesn't offer much in the way or originality, you have pretty much seen what the film has to offer before but this one still manages to be entertaining. There is plenty of gore, lots of action and a lot of humor, I got several big laughs from the film and I thought the effects were pretty well done considering the budget here.

The cast including, Jacob Zacher (“Greek”), Alexa Nikolas (“The Walking Dead”), Christa B. Allen (“Revenge”), Jayson Blair (“The New Normal”), Justin Chon (the Twilight franchise) and Max Adler (“Glee”) all give good performances and the supporting cast did a great job as well. It looked as though everyone was having a great time making the film and it translates back to the audience. Like I said before horror/comedy is not exactly by bag but for the most part I had a good time with this, one little thing I did like that I felt separated the film a little bit anyway from other films like it was the ending. I am not going to spoil it here but I did like the little surprise right at the end. If you like a bit of comedy with your horror then I recommend checking it out, I am not sure this is something I would watch again but it was certainly entertaining the first time.

Available on DVD and VOD, you can order the DVD HERE and you can rent or buy the VOD HERE.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****