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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jarrod Crooks, Shannon McDonough, Kimi Harris

Director: Jarrod Crooks

Genre: Action/Romance/Comedy

Year: 2014

Rating: PG-13

A demoted officer is sent away to watch his boss' daughter while she is on a vacation with a friend.

The film opens as Police Officer Jake is chasing a suspect on roof top around the city. The chase ends when the suspect falls to his death. This lands Jake in hot water with his boss since the suspect was unarmed and seemed to have nothing in the bag he was carrying. Assigned to a desk job Jake hates every minute of it but as fate would have it he thinks he is getting a break when his boss sends him to keep an eye of his daughter who is vacationing with a friend. How hard can it be right? Well thinks get a bit more complicated when the suspect's father decides he not only wants revenge but also wants the bag his son was carrying as well. This not only puts Jake in danger but it also puts the boss' daughter in harms way as well.

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"Dispatched" is the new film from Writer, Director and Actor, Jarrod Crooks. Jarrod' first feature film, "Thieves Like Us" was back in 2009, He has done numerous Shorts since that time. Now he is set to release "his new Feature film "Dispatched." The film gets off to a great start with a fast paced chase scene on foot as Jake and the suspect run and jump onto multiple rooftops. Then the film settles down a bit and introduces us to several of the key players and it sets up the story line.

The story is pretty simple but there is always something happening. Between the comedy, romance and the Jackie Chan influenced fight scenes the film remains exciting and playful all the way to the very end. It has been awhile since I last watched Jarrod's first film but I noticed the maturity in this one right from the start, I guess making those Short films in between really helped out.

Everything about the production is great, the cinematography is fantastic and the sound is just as impressive. As far as the story goes there is a perfect mix of comedy, romance and action. And while I am on the subject I want to say how much I loved the action scenes, the hand to hand fight scenes were amazing and a joy to watch. And finally there is the cast, Jarrod himself is a fine actor and he does a great job playing Jake but the entire cast were all incredible.

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"Dispatched" is a Indie crime film that entertains from beginning to end. The film will have its Theatrical debut MARCH 29 before heading out on the Festival Circuit. You can keep an up to date on the film's progress by visiting its Official Site HERE. I had a blast watching this and I can see a lot happening in the future for Jarrod Crooks. But for now I recommend checking this film out ASAP. "Dispatched" is a fast-moving, funny and action packed film that makes you feel the adrenaline with each action scene. I loved everything about the film, the characters, story and the action was killer so be sure to check it out. And before I forget, stick around for the credits and the fun bloopers because there is another scene at the very end.

Released by JC Films

***** Out Of *****