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Doug Seegers

Year: 2018

Doug Seegers was a struggling winger/songwriter for many years most of that time he struggled with his drug and alcohol addiction but in 2013 his life changed forever thanks to a Swedish film team who was in Nashville working on a documentary. Jill Johnson, a big Swedish country star was heading it and when they heard about this street singer they went and paid him a visit. While there he played them a song he wrote called, "Going Down To The River." That encounter and that song changed his life forever. He was invited to Sweden to record and play live shows and since then he has had gold and platinum albums and has played hundreds of shows.

Now he is about to release his first album in the U.S. titled, 'Doug Seegers: A Story I Got To Tell.' The album will be released on May 31st from BMG. The tracks on the album are as follows:

1. White Line

2. Give It Away

3. Demon Seed

4. Six Feet Under

5. Angel from a Broken Home

6. Out on the Street

7. My Little Falling Star

8. Poor Side of Town

9. Rockabilly Bug

10. Can't Keep Running (Back to You)

11. Life Is a Mystery

The video for the lead single "Give It Away" first appeared on Billboard and has since been added to Youtube. You can't ask for better promotion than that but what will really sell the album is the man himself and his voice that is unique, heart breaking and unforgettable. "Give It Away" is what the theme of the album is all about. It is as much a personal song as you are going to find. It tells the story of his addiction problems and how by his faith in God he got through it and now looks to pay it forward in order to help others who are struggling as well. It is a song that will tug at your heart strings and it will you hanging onto every note and every word because this is a voice that has lived a long hard life and you just can't find that kind of authenticity any more in today's music.

Of the 11 songs on the album two are covers, "White Line" and "Poor Side Of Town." This is a perfect album from top to bottom which showcases his amazing song writing and his incredible voice. Some of the other highlights are, "Demon Seed" itís an uptempo song with a Spanish beat that gets the listener hook right from the start. "Rockabilly Bug" is another uptempo song that will have you grooving along with the beat. The album also has a number of amazing ballads like, "Life Is a Mystery" and the bluesy, "Canít Keep Running."

All I have to say is it is about time the U.S. got to hear Doug's amazing voice that will burn a hole in your heart. I truly hope everyone gets to hear the album and picks it up when it comes out on May 31st. Doug Seegers has been through a lot of hard times and was able to fight through it all and come out the other side. An amazing tale redemption and a voice we all need to hear in today's world.

Released by BMG

***** Out Of *****