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Cast: Patrick Kazu Tang, Johan Kirsten, Macha Polivka, David Winters

Director: Raimund Huber

Genre: Action/Adventure

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

The Devil's Cauldron - a city of depravity and violence, where only the lethal survive. Two hit men rule these streets, feared by all but loyal to one another. When a beautiful woman seduces them both, they turn on each other, igniting an epic battle that may bring the city to the brink of destruction.

"Dragonwolf" tells the story of Mozart and Julius who have been friends since they were children. The two grow up to be hitmen in the city of Devil's Cauldron. The story itself is simple enough but it does not start out that way, right from the start the two friends have it out for each other is a bit confusing but the film fills in the gaps using flashbacks to get everyone up to speed.

I am not going to go into plot details here because the synopsis above is all you really need to know before watching it but I will say that I was disappointed with most of the film. For starters most of the acting is below average and the English dubbing just made it worse. I am all for having a dubbed track on foreign films because I think it is smart business but this is one of the worst voice overs I have seen. The movie also runs too long and some of the fight scenes look like a dance because the characters never even try to make contact.

I can on about all the negative things but I think it is only fair to mention the few good things the film as well. Some of the fight scenes were well done and the film has a good about of blood in it from stabbings and slit throats. And there is a bit of nudity and good looking women running around for the guys but sadly the good things end there. After watching the film I have to say who ever cut the trailer for it did a great job because they made it look so much better than it actually was.

I find this hard to recommend but if you really want to check it out I recommend a rental first. The film is available on DVD and Blu-ray with no Special Features to speak of. You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

I do try and find something positive in every film I review but this one made it a bit difficult, I am going to be a little generous with my rating only because of the few things the film did have going for it. There is not much more to add, "Dragonwolf" is pretty much a mess so buyer beware.

Released by Well Go USA

* 1/2 Out Of *****