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Cast: John Cusack, Thomas Jane

Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith

Genre: Action/Comedy

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

Former hotshot racecar driver Peter Roberts (Thomas Jane, The Punisher) traded the winnerís circle for safety, stability, a pile of debts and a 9 to 5 job as a beginnersí driving instructor. But his life shifts into overdrive when mysterious out-of-towner Simon Keller (John Cusack, Numbers Station) shows up for a driving lesson and hijacks Peter to be his getaway driver in a $9 million heist. Now these unlikely fugitives are on a white knuckle race to stay one step ahead of the mobsters who want their money back and the corrupt cops who will kill anyone who gets in their way. Peter and Simon just might have half a chance, if they can stick to the plan, drive faster than the bullets being fired at themÖand donít kill each other first.

"Drive Hard" stars Thomas Jane and John Cusack so when I found out it was hitting VOD first I figured the studio did not have enough faith in the film to make it a wide release in theaters. But I was fine with that because I enjoy most VOD titles and I certainly liked the cast here.

And as expected the cast turned out to be the best part of the film. Jane and Cusack play off each other very well and Cusack delivers some very funny one liners. The movie itself is not anything special and the plot is simple and predictable. And the action is not what you might expect from a movie with this title but I did find the film to be mildly entertaining.

Hollywood uses a small circle of actors for all their big films nowadays and it leaves some very good actors like Cusack out in the cold and left to take on smaller films. This is one of several VOD films that Cusack has been in lately but lucky for us he shines in all of them. He and Jane make "Drive Hard" a better film than it actually is and they are the sole reason I recommend checking it out.

The film is available on DVD and DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack. You can order the DVD HERE and the Combo Pack HERE.

Not much else to say, Thomas Jane and John Cusack certainly make the film tolerable but there is not much more to like here.

Released by Image Entertainment

** Out Of *****