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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Robert Patrick, Danielle Harris, Electra Avellan

Director: Gabriel Bologna

Genre: Horror

Year: 2013

Rating: R

During a Turkish archeological dig early last century, an ancient board game said to have entertained demons was unearthed. Now nearly 90 years later, a group of vacationing friends -- including a cynic (Danielle Harris of HALLOWEEN), a rich jerk (James Duval of DONNIE DARKO), a slutty starlet (Mircea Monroe of ''Hart Of Dixie''), a jock (Nick Menell of FRIDAY THE 13TH) and prudish twin sisters (Electra & Elise Avellan of GRINDHOUSE) -- discover the game hidden in an old house on a remote Maine island. And with a roll of the dice, their darkest secrets will unleash all the greed, jealousy and lusts of Hell itself.

"The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" starts off in 1927 Turkey, the site of an archeological dig that uncovers plans to create some sort of game. The The archeologist decides to build the game on an island. It doesn't take long before all hell brings loose and all those involved end up killing each other. One survivor takes the game and hides it away before killing himself as well. Fast forward to present day where a groups of friends plan on spending a weekend on the same island. When the power goes out one of the men find the game that was hidden away 90 years ago and of course they decide to play it. The game itself is played in turn by rolling the dice and moving your figure, once you do that you draw a card which asks you a question that you must answer honestly. At first it seems fun but as it moves along the friends begin to get a bit hostile towards one another and before long the are turning on one another.

The film was made in 2009 but sat in limo for some reason until now. After watching the film I can say I do not understand why this was never released. I have certainly seen worse films than this out.

Two things got my attention right from the start, first was the story. It sounds a bit familiar but I liked the back-story and the whole idea of the group going to this isolated island in the middle of nowhere to party, find the game and then try and kill one another for the rest of the film. The second thing that got me engaged was the cast, any film with Robert Patrick and Danielle Harris in is one I will be sure to see. Everyone in the film did a great job and the story moved at a fast pace, it was never boring and it got hot chicks and plenty of gore.

Production wise I thought the film looked very good and the effects where very well done for the most part. I have to say there was one scene that was not done very well at all but other than that I was impressed with how the film looked and was executed.

Like I said before I am not sure what the hold up on releasing this was but I am glad to see that it's finally available for fans to buy. "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" is not the greatest film ever mad but it contains just the right number of scares, suspense, tension and even a bit of humor as well to lighten the load. Plus it contains enough gore to make any fan happy. If you like horror I recommend giving this a try.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray with Special Features that include:

Alternate Opening

You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****