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Cast: Sarah Bolger, Joshua Rush

Director: Michael Thelin

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

As their parents head out for a date in the city, the three young Thompson children immediately take to their new babysitter, Anna (Sarah Bolger, Into the Badlands, Once Upon a Time), who seems like a dream come true: she's sweet, fun, and lets them do things that break all of their parents' rules. But as Anna's interactions with them take on a more sinister tone, the kids realize that their caretaker may not be who she claims to be. Soon it's up to big brother Jacob to protect his siblings from the increasingly nefarious intentions of a very disturbed woman whose weapon is trust, and whose target is innocence.

"Emelie" is a thriller about a couple who get a substitute babysitter when their regular one cannot make it but things begin to go horribly wrong after the couple leaves when the babysitter begins to play dangerous games with the kids.

To me this was a mixed bag of some really good things and one not so good thing. For starters the film starts off very good with a lot of suspense and tension, it immediately grabs your interest as you wait to see what happens next. The suspense level remains high for the first half of the film and then the big reveal happens which I thought took the sails out of the story. The acting is another good thing about the film, Sarah Bolger gives a fantastic performance as the babysitter Emelie and the three child actors were terrific as well including Joshua Rush was the oldest sibling and the one that catches on to Emelie. Joshua is a fantastic young actor with a bright future ahead of him.

What lets the film down a bit is the script, the big reveal seemed a little out there and I thought they could have done more with the ending as well. The amazing cast and solid direction from Michael Thelin save the film from being just another babysitter gone mad film.

The film could have been so much better with a little work but I still enjoyed it overall. Available now on DVD and Blu-ray with Special Features that include:

Making Of


You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

If you like a good thriller then I recommend checking this one out, there's enough good things happening to make for an enjoyable watch.

Released by Dark Sky Films

*** 1/2 Out Of *****


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