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Cast: Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby), Javier Godino (Deception), Anne Ramsay (Bombshell), and Emme Rylan (Guiding Light), and episode directors include fan-favorites Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Gigi Saul Guerrero (Into the Dark: Culture Shock).

Director: Chloe Okuno, Mara Tasker, Martha Goddard, Amber Benson, Gabrielle Lim, Jean Parsons, Anna Elizabeth James, Arantxa Echevarría, Mary C. Russell, Michelle Steffes, Rebecca Thomson, Gigi Saul Guerrero

Year: 2020

Rating: NR


Etheria Season 2 shocks and awes viewers with new horror, thriller, and science fiction episodes directed by women featuring killer strippers, time traveling lovers, vengeful girlfriends, vigilantes sex workers and demented wrestlers. Universally praised for their innovative approach to genre, these filmmakers defy expectations and challenge beliefs about women directors. Featured actors include Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby), Javier Godino (Deception), Anne Ramsay (Bombshell), and Emme Rylan (Guiding Light). Season 2 includes 10 Short Films including:

S02e01 - Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing (a.k.a Slut) Written & Directed by Chloe Okuno Starring Molly McIntyre (“Maddy”), James Gallo (“Stranger”) 0:23:00 Horror USA A naive young girl becomes the target of a murderous sociopath when she attempts to reinvent herself to impress the boys in her small Texas town.

S02e02 - Sheila Scorned Written & Directed by Mara Tasker Starring Laine Rettmer (“Sheila Johnson”), Norma Maldonado (“Berry”), Matthew Jayson Cwern (“Charlie”) 0:18:00 Action/Thriller USA When Sheila Johnson accidentally messes up a major illicit deal, local kingpin Barry and his goons kidnap her from the club where she dances. Unfortunately for Barry and the men, Sheila also happens to be a psychopath with a plan of her own.

S02e03 - Gödel Incomplete Written & Directed by Martha Goddard Starring Elizabeth Debicki (“Serita”), Arthur Dignam (“Old Kurt Gödel), Matt Zeremes (“Young Kurt Gödel”) 0:13:00 Science Fiction Australia A time-travel romance between one of the great minds of the 20th Century, Kurt Godel, and a lonely particle physicist, Serita Cedric, a research student working at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

S02e04 - Shevenge Directed by Amber Benson Written by David Greenman, Megan Lee Joy, Jessica Sherif, and Sabrina Sherif Starring Emme Rylan (“Sam”), Jessica Sherif (“Charley”), Megan Lee Joy (“Taylor”) 0:10:00 Horror/Comedy USA While at a killer slumber party, best friends Sam, Taylor and Charley embark on a journey of revenge and empowerment.

S02e05 - Cowboy Kill Club Written & Directed by Gabrielle Lim & Jean Parsons Starring Songklod Kiewkaew (“Khae”), Dong-Hyun Lee (“Mr. Kim”), Pankamol Pancharoen (“Joy”) 0:11:00 Horror USA/Thailand Three dancers in Bangkok's red light district take down a sinister new sex trade cartel.

S02e06 - Carved Directed by Mary C. Russell Written by Mary C. Russell and Stephen Czerwinksi Starring Angelica Cassidy (“Eboni”), Chia Chen (“Sunday”), Marissa Crisafulli (“Eden”) 0:12:00 Horror USA An escaped prisoner’s satanic soul possesses innocent people on a roadtrip to Las Vegas.

S02e07 - El Gigante Directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero Written by Shane McKenzie Starring Edwin Perez (“Armando”), Luis Javier (“Coyote”), Arlina Rodriguez (“Paola”), David Forts (“El Gigante”) 0:14:00 Horror Canada After attempting to cross the US/Mexico border in search of a better life, Armando awakens in a hellish nightmare in which he must win a wrestling match against the most terrifying villain of all: GIGANTE!.

S02ep08 - Zone 2 Directed by Anna Elizabeth James Written by Lydia Mulvey Starring Anne Ramsay (“Lisa”), Connor Linnerooth (“David”) 0:8:00 Thriller USA Trapped in the bleak underworld of Zone 2, a mother and her disabled son fight for survival.

S02ep09 - Witches Directed by Michelle Steffes Written by Katie Dodson Starring Katie Dodson (“Tamsin”), Adam Wasser (‘Hecate”), Tracy Meyer (“Lilura”) 00:06:00 Fantasy/Horror USA When a witch in a close-knit coven finds something better to do on a Saturday night, old resentments bubble to the surface.

S02e10 - Suddenly One Night (De Noche y de Pronto) Written & Directed by Arantxa Echevarría Starring Javier Godino (“Joven”), Alicia Rubio (“Maria”) 0:20:00 Horror/Thriller Spain Home alone in a deserted apartment building on Christmas, Maria answers her front door to find a desperate man claiming to be her upstairs neighbor and that his apartment has been broken into by thieves. Like any other Anthology series There are some Shorts that are better than the others. Over-all I found every one to be entertaining and you get just about every genre you think of here.

A few of the Shorts that I like the most were:

Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing (a.k.a Slut)- About a small town girl who decides to "re-invent herself in order to be notices by the guys but she instead draws the attention of a killer.

El Gigante - Tells the story of Armando awakens as he attempts to cross over the Mexican border into the U.S. but instead gets kidnapped and forced to fight in an underground wrestling match against the Gigante. The story gets your attention right from the start and there is plenty of action and gore to please all fans.

Witches - While conjuring up some spells a trio of witches get in to a dispute over one of their own who has found love. This is a well written and extremely funny comedy.

Emerging genre distributor The Horror Collective will release Season 2 of Etheria, the new women-directed horror and sci-fi anthology series out on Amazon this September 24. Check out the trailer below and be sure to Check out Season 1 if you have not yet seen it. Bookmark the Amazon page for season 2 HERE. Etheria Season 2 is a fun collection of Short films that will entertain you and leave you wanting more.