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Cast: Christine Marzano, Andrew Lee Potts, Jonathan Forbes, Rachel Warren, Lex Shrapnel, Rhashan Stone, Ali Bastian, Yennis Cheung

Director: Rory Kindersley

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2020

Rating: NR

psychological thriller set in London's iconic Notting Hill, the story centers on an actress who fails to land the role of her dreams and becomes obsessed with the woman who gets the part.

'Eve' tells the story of Bex Learey, an actress who is up for the role of Eve in a major film. She also made the role famous on stage but after losing the role to another Alex Beyer Bex soon begins to torture Bex.

'Eve' is a hard film to talk about because there is a major twist towards the end of the film and if exposed it will surely ruin the film for anyone that is waiting to see it.

'Eve' is a well made thriller that takes place in London. Writer/Director, Rory Kindersley wrote the film with Drew Sherring-Hill. Kindersley has create a stunning thriller that looks amazing. His camera angles and long shots aid in creating a felling of doom. The film hasn't waste a minute of its run time on needless drama. Instead it gets right to the story and right from the start it creates a creepy feel and a hopeless sense of dread that only amps up as the film moves along.

Another thing that made the film so good was the film, everyone in the film did a great job playing their roles but the film clearly belong to its two powerful female performances. Christine Marzano who plays Alex and Rachel Warren who plays Bex are both fantastic. It is one thing to play a role but both of these beautiful and talented ladies play characters who are both emotionally damage. They are difficult characters to play and the two leads handle them with ease.

'Eve' is a suspense driven thriller that will have you biting down on your and it will leave you thinking about it long after it is over. 'Eve' will be in Theaters and On Demand 02/14/2020 so be sure to check out this riveting thriller.

Released by Level 33 Entertainment

**** Out Of *****