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Cast: Dana Christina, Chad Rook, Natalie Victoria, J. LaRose

Director: Anthony DiBlasi

Genre: Horror

Year: 2018

Rating: TV-MA

Allison is an emotionally troubled young woman who believes that confronting her past trauma might be a means of exercising her demons. She signs up for a trip to Perdition, an exclusive haunt that promises absolute, unadulterated terror, but the most frightening thing on display will prove to be Allison's own twisted psyche.

'Extremity' tells the story of Allison, a young woman who has never gotten over the tragic childhood she had. She and her sister suffered abuse from their father and to this day Allison can't shake the demons or the memories that have left her scarred.

After hearing about an extreme haunt attraction she decides to attend it in hopes of facing her fears and hopefully exorcizing her demons for good. The extreme haunt is much different from a regular haunted attraction. Here you must sign a waiver saying you understand everything about the attraction including the haunts ability to get psychical among other things. Allison agrees to the terms and enters the attraction with a guy by the name of Zachary. They are immediately taken and abused both mentally and psychically but it isn't until later in the film when the haunt uses Allison's past against does her fragile mind crack.

'Extremity' tells Allison's full story by using flashbacks about how her mom died and how the father abused the girls. It also shows Allison in her current relationship and at her doctors which helps to fill in the gaps and give the audience a better understanding of what happened to Allison. The film takes your typical haunted house movie and takes it to a whole new level. 'Extremity' does a good job of getting the audience to care about Allison before her fragile mind is pushed to the limit.

Another good thing about the film is its cast. Everyone in the film was good but Dana Christina steals the show with her emotional portrayal of Allison. The film also did a great job of keeping things moving at a brisk pace and creating a lot of suspense while tossing in several twists and turns along the way.

Credit also goes out to Director, Anthony DiBlasi for making such a twisted and disturbing film that is as entertaining as it is brutal. 'Extremity' comes out just in time for the Halloween season. This is a real treat for all fans of horror and a must see as well. The film will be available on Blu-ray and VOD 10/2/18 so be sure to check it out. This was an intense ride that left me feeling exhausted in a good way.

Released by Epic Pictures

**** Out Of *****

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