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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Dominique Swain, Mehmet Gunsur, Udo Kier, David Carradine

Director: Jon Keeyes

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Year: 2011

Rating: R

Single mother Christie (Alpha Dog’s, Dominique Swain) faces the most terrifying Christmas Eve ever when she becomes the sole witness to the handiwork of the Picasso Killer (Halloween’s, Udo Kier), a cold-blooded maniac with an eye for beautiful women. Now a citywide blackout has Christie trapped in an isolated office building with a group of strangers as this unstoppable killing force closes in, picking them off one by one in preparation for his ultimate bloody masterpiece.

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"Fall Down Dead" is a horror/thriller from Director, Jon Keeyes about a serial killer who skins his victims for the sake of art. Nothing real original or ground breaking here but the film does have some scary moments to it. The story is about a single mother, Christie on her way home from work on Christmas Eve night when she witnesses the work of this madman first hand and then she is attacked by the Picasso Killer and runs to the nearest office building for help. After the Police arrive she thinks she's safe but the killer has other ideas for all those inside.

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The film starts out pretty well with some good suspense and even some graphic scenes but it did tails off a little towards the end but over-all it's not a bad film and it moves along at a good clip so if you like the genre it's worth checking out. The cast did a very good job with what they had to work with here, Dominique Swain gives a strong, realistic performance as Christie and Udo Kier delivers his usual creepy goodness. The film also stars David Carradine in one of his final roles which should be a point of interest to some. The film was made back in 2007 but is only getting a DVD release now, better late than never they say. The story itself could of been a bit better with a little more work on the story but there's still plenty of action and suspense and the film keeps a good pace all the way to the end which makes for an entertaining time. If you like the genre then I recommend giving this one a look at, I think it's worth it for Swain's performance alone. You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Image Entertainment

*** Out Of *****