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Cast: Melantha Blackthorne, Gregory Blair, Melodie Roehrig

Director: Adam R. Steigert

Genre: Horror

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

One night, one drug induced murder, turn local junkies Chloe Romero (Melodie Roehrig) and Joe Spencer (Theo Kemp) into criminals on the run. With no place to hide, they take a road trip to a distant relative's house, only to find they're not running from the law, but for their lives as they're stalked and hunted by creatures of unknown origin.

'Fang' tells the story of Chloe and Joe, two young druggies who get themselves in deep shit with the law after Joe kills a man they were attempting to rob so they can get their fix. Desperate Chloe remembers she has distant relatives they can go visit in order to lay low for a while.

Along the way they meet another couple who are on their way to a wedding but their car broke down. Chloe and Joe suggest the two go with them to her relative’s house where they can use a phone. Upon arriving they meet Mr. and Mrs. Crowley's groundskeeper, Harold Pinter who tells them the folks are not home but it is best to wait inside the home for them to return. After getting inside and having doors lock behind them they soon find out there is no phone and no electricity in the house as well. But after the folks return the two couples soon find out that not having electricity is the least of their worries and it begins to be a night of survival.

Right from its bloody opening scene 'Fang' gets your attention. From there it settles down a bit while it introduces us to its many characters. The film does a great job of developing the characters in short order so that the audience can feel for them all in one way or another. And once the action kicks in it is nonstop all the way to the end.

'Fang' was directed by Adam R. Steigert and written by Adam R. Steigert and his wife Kristin Steigert who also has a cameo in the film as well. Adam does a great job keeping the film moving at a nice pace and not allowing the film to take itself too serious. He keeps it playful at times and it has a certain charm to it even for a horror film.

Another thing that made the film so good was the cast. Everyone in the film did a great job but the stand out performances for me came from, Melantha Blackthorne who chewed up every scene she was in as Doris Crowley. Another awesome performance came from Gregory Blair who plays Harold Pinter. Gregory makes his character both creepy and fun. And last but not least there is Melodie Roehrig who gives a strong performance as Chloe.

I have always loved werewolf movies so I was looking forward to checking 'Fang' out and I was not disappointed. It has it all from a bit of drama, a little humor and lots and lots of blood with some cool practical effects and an awesome creature. If I had one thing to complain about it would be that the film was a bit too short which isn't a bad thing but I was left wanting more. The film has a few Easter eggs in it as well and it contains an open ending that hopefully means there is more to come. 'Fang' was a bloody good time that all fans of horror will love so be sure to check it out when possible. If you want to know when and where the film will be playing be sure to follow its Facebook page HERE.

**** 1/2 Out Of *****