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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Will Rhodes, Elizabeth Stenson, Jennifer Bowman, Alix Liiv, Lukas Schooler, Danny King, Joshua Ludlow, Matt Proctor

Director: Meg Pinsonneault

Genre: Short | Mystery | Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

After a daring daylight heist, a young outlaw, Oliver, finds himself mysteriously stranded in the desert. After nearly collapsing from the heat, he happens upon a group of odd carnival gypsies. Oliver desperately demands answers from them. As night falls, the strangers lead him to a magnificent glowing house, radiating like a blazing beacon in the empty desert. Inside, a dark enchantress waits in the shadows, tempting him with a seductive game of chance. Oliver chooses a tarot reading instead, seeking clarity about his future. But itís the past he should be worried about.

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First of all I would like to thank Award Winning Writer/Director/Producer, Meg Pinsonneault for giving me the opportunity to review her Short film. "Feast of the Foolish" won Best Short Thriller at 2012 FirstGlance Film Fest, was nominated for Best Short Film at 2012 Female Eye Film Festival, and snagged 3rd place for Best Short Thriller at 2012 IndieGathering Film Festival. It is also an Official Selection for the 2012 HollyShorts Film Festival, Ladyfilmmakers Film Festival, and GoNorth Creative Festival. That is quite a resume already and it will soon be screening at the 2012 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival.

There's something to say about a film that grabs your attention with it's first few frames, "Feast of the Foolish" is one of those films. Before anything even happens the gorgeous cinematography already has you hooked and it only takes seconds after that to get right to business introducing us to Oliver as he is running out of a store in the middle of nowhere with gun in hand. when the outlaw begins to run things start to get interesting. He all of a sudden is in the middle of the desert with no idea of how he got there. As he turns he notices a band of carnival gypsies, a strange bunch they are. They tell him to follow them and they lead him to a glowing house that houses an enchantress who seems to be waiting for Oliver and she seems to already know his future because she already knows something he can't remember, his past.

This is what Independent cinema is all about, creating a thought-provoking story with enough suspense and tension to keep it's audience glued to the screen. "Feast of the Foolish" is full of mystery and suspense along with very interesting characters, though the focus is cleary on Oliver every character in the film is intriguing and by the time the credits begin to roll you are already missing them. As far as the cast goes I don't think they could of picked two better leads. Will Rhodes is amazing as Oliver, his ability to switch from being the tough guy to a man full of stress, pain and confusion is spot on and the beautiful Elizabeth Stenson is perfect as the enchantress bringing just the right about of mystery to her character. I can't mention the cast without saying the entire supporting cast all did a great job as well

Production wise the film is flawless, the costumes are superb and the setting creates the perfect atmosphere for the story. The camera work is another part of the production that really shines, the picture is so vivid and the colors are so perfect you feel like you can just walk inside the film and stand right next to it's characters.

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This is a truly impressive film full of style and class that has you hooked right from the start and it keeps you intrigued the entire time, waiting and wanting to know more. For all involved it is something to be proud of and for those that get the chance to see the film it is something to be thankful for. "Feast of the Foolish" is a piece of cinema that is sure to bring the audience to their feet, if you get the opportunity to check it out it don't hesitate.

Released by Thirsty Girl Films

***** Out Of *****