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final-move Cast: Richard Carwin, Chelsea Giles, Jai Koutrae, Rosanna Easton, John Tarrant, Ashleigh O'Brien, Josh Picker, Abigail Bianca, Sophie Webb

Director: Jon Cohen

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

To save his daughter and restore his reputation, disgraced ex-detective Nick Mathers must catch the sadistic Grand Master killer before time runs out.

In a cat and mouse thriller, the dead bodies pile up and nothing is as it seems as Nick tries to work out the killerís pattern before the final piece is taken in the deadly game of chess.

"Final Move" centers on Detective Nick Mathers who loses his wife, girlfriend and even worse, his daughter who was killed by a vicious serial killer known as The Grand Master. As he struggles to get his life back in order the killer resurfaces and he wants to finish the chess piece game he started. The killer kidnaps his victims and then plays a satanic game of chess with Nick. Each piece has a name of one of his captors on it and when Nick loses a piece the person that matches the name dies. Now the killer has taken Nick's younger daughter, He now has a limited amount of time to figure out where the killer is in the city in order to save everyone, including his daughter. Nick is not only battling against this crazed killer he is also battling his guilt over his daughter's death that has presented itself in the form on his daughter who badgers him on a constant basis.

"Final Move" is a thriller that does a lot of things right. For starters this is a very complex, intelligent story that is made better by its well-developed characters. The story is intriguing and it brings with it loads of twists and turns and suspense that really draws you in and keeps you wanting more and more. The thing with Nick being "haunted" by his daughter also gives the film a disturbing feeling as well.

To talk a lot about the plot would only lead to giving away spoilers here so I am not going to go into major details here. What is written here already regarding the plot is plenty enough to know before watching the film. The film was obviously done on a low budget but you would never know that by watching it. Everything about the film looks and sounds fantastic. Another plus for the film is the acting, everyone in the film did a fantastic job including, Richard Carwin who gives a powerful and realistic performances as Nick. Another stand-out and perhaps my favorite performance among a slew of great ones here was that of Ashleigh O'Brien who plays Nick's Murdered Daughter. Ashleigh is beyond incredible in her role and I see her really going places. Everyone in the film did a great job, those are just two performances that struck me.

"Final Move" is one of those thrillers that gets in your head and under your skin very quickly and it stays there the entire time. Also I do not want to forget to mention the great job done by Director, Jon Cohen who not only did a terrific job giving the film its mood and pacing but he also co-wrote it with Steve Willems. This is a incredibly good film that deserves to be seen so if you like a good thriller I highly recommend checking this out. Good stuff from everyone involved and I look forward to seeing what this talented filmmaker and the cast have coming next. You can watch the film for free on your Roku device by going to the FREE MOVIES NOW channel HERE.