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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, David House, Jenny Gabrielle

Director: Keoni Waxman

Genre: Crime/Action

Year: 2013

Rating: R

To save his daughter and restore his reputation, disgraced ex-detective Nick Mathers must catch the sadistic Grand Master killer before time runs out.

Steven Seagal stars as mob kingpin Mr. Alexander, an old-school boss who rules his criminal empire with both nobility and brutality. But when a simple prison hit goes wrong, he’ll ignite a war between a cold-blooded gangster known as ‘The Iceman’ (Ving Rhames of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and PULP FICTION), a disgraced former protégé (Taekwondo World Champion Bren Foster of “Fight Science”), a merciless Mexican cartel, and an ex-con shopkeeper (Danny Trejo of MACHETE KILLS) with some unexpected skills of his own. The lines are drawn. The fuse is lit. And in a citywide massacre measured in pain, fear, honor and vengeance, the ultimate power belongs to the FORCE OF EXECUTION.

"Force of Execution" centers on kingpin Mr. Alexander who is an aging crime lord. He is thinking about getting out of the business before it is too late but when Iceman gets out of prison and challenges Alexander for control of the streets all hell brings loose, the two must not only battle each each but a Mexican gang as well who is also looking to take control.

It has been a long time since Steven Seagal made a good film, lets face it the man has seen better days but I had a little more hope for this film considering it also has Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo in it. Rhames gives a strong performance as The Iceman, this is the type of role he excels at and Trejo too gives a good performance as well but neither can save the film from itself.

As far as the story goes it is pretty simple but there is also a lot going on because there are multiple characters involved in the plot which makes it a bit more interesting. The action scenes are also very well done but there seems to be something missing as far as story and direction goes. "Force of Execution" is an average at best crime film that never becomes anything more, I did expect a bit more with the addition of Rhames and Trejo but in the end it turned out to be another in a long line of Seagal films. I am giving this a little higher rating than I normally would because of the supporting cast, if you are a fan of the cast then I recommend checking it out but just don't expect a whole lot.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

** 1/2 Out Of *****