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Cast: Katie Aselton, Toni Collette, Bridget Everett, Molly Shannon, Adam Scott, Rob Huebel, ​ ​ Adam Levine, Paul Rust

Director: Alethea Jones

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2017

Rating: R

Four moms whose only common ground is their kids' preschool class, decide to get together for a harmless "fun mom dinner." The night begins as a disaster, but the combination of alcohol, karaoke, and a cute bartender, leads to an unforgettable night where these seemingly different women realize they have more in common than motherhood and men.

'Fun Mom Dinner' tells the story of four moms who are connected by their children going to the same school. Emily is living the life of a lonely wife. Her husband Tom is too busy with work and doesn't give her any affection at all. When Melanie and Jamie invite her out for one of their "Fun Mom Dinners" she gladly accepts but asks if she can bring along her friend, Kate who pretty much sticks to herself. Kate doesn't really like any of the other mothers and they don't seem too crazy about her either.

The dinner starts off a little awkward because the other three moms can tell Kate doesn't really want to be there but once she opens up about it things change quickly as the four ladies decide to make the most of the night by drinking, smoking some weed and going on a few adventures. Instead of being home for the kids bed time they plan on leaving the dads to watch over the kids until they decide to come home. The two guys have a little adventure themselves well learning a few things about their marriages and themselves as well.

'Fun Mom Dinner' has a feminine touch and for good reason. Not only are the four main characters ladies but the film is also written by Julie Rudd and Directed by Alethea Jones. The film is also a refreshing return to all the 80's comedies we loved so much. It even has an amazing 80's soundtrack that starts the film off with The Go-Gos.

The film is laced with some raunchy humor but there is also a sensitive side to the story as well. All four moms have their own stories and some are a bit more difficult than the others. That is one thing I really loved about the film, even though it is an 80's throwback it still manages to be fresh and original by having characters you actually care about and root for.

The entire cast is amazing but the film clearly belongs to our four leading ladies, Toni Collette as Kate, Molly Shannon as Jamie, Bridget Everett as Melanie and Katie Aselton as Emily steal the show. Woman power is center stage and it is great to see a terrific film dominated by females. Hopefully we see a lot more of it. The men in the film are great as well including, Adam Scott, Rob Huebel, Adam Levine, Paul Rust and Paul Rudd who has a very funny cameo in the film.

Right from the start I knew I was going to like this little gem but I didn't realize at the time that I was going to love it and its characters. 'Fun Mom Dinner' is a laugh a minute adult comedy but it also brings some real life situations to the table as well. The drama offsets the comedy perfectly making for an entertaining film that leaves a smile on your face long after it is over.

'Fun Mom Dinner' will be in Theaters and On Demand August 4, 2017. I highly recommend getting out and supporting the film. You will be glad you did. I loved everything about the film and I hope the ladies return for another dinner soon.

Released by Momentum Pictures

**** Out Of *****