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Cast: Lance Henriksen, Doug Jones, Eva Swan, Simon Phillips, and Justin Gordon

Director: Hiroshi Katagiri

Genre: Horror

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

'Gehenna: Where Death Lives' tells the story of five people who enter a hidden bunker from WW2, and realize it's way more than a bunker. Some fates are MUCH worse than death.

A group which consists of, Paulina, her architect Tyler and their photographer David. They visit Saipan to search for locations for their company's newest resort. As they find what they think is the perfect spot, they discover a hidden Japanese bunker from WW2 on the property which they decide to explore. However, they soon find out that curiosity can kill. As each member faces their most private secrets and the secrets of the bunker itself, the results lead to a most shocking conclusion.

The synopsis pretty much sums up all you need to know before watching this horror film from celebrated effects master Hiroshi Katagiri (Jurassic Park III, Pacific Rim), it is also his Directorial debut. The film, spends a good bit of time showing off the beauty of Saipan with it's exotic beaches and aerial views before the crew finds the WW2 bunker and decide to explore it which then becomes the setting for the rest of the film.

The film is beautifully shot and the effects and make-up work is excellent. After we meet the characters and the group enters the bunker things begin to get more interesting and engaging. I would not say it is all that scary but it is creepy at times and it keeps you invested as you wait to see what fate the group will meet. The film runs a bit long, I thought it could have trimmed off 10 minutes or so but even at its current run time it never loses steam.

Another thing the film has going for it is its cast, Lance Henriksen has a cameo of sorts in the film but it is always nice to see him again on the screen. The film also has the amazing Doug Jones in the film and he continues to amaze in another monstrous role. Eva Swan stands out as well in her role as Paulina. The rest of the cast are all terrific as well making this a solid ensemble horror film.

And then there is the pay off at the end when a major twist is revealed. You you never see it coming and it is sure to please everyone. Compared to Hollywood films 'Gehenna: Where Death Lives' was done on a limited budget and at times some of it shows but for the most part it is a solid horror film with great performances and a story that that builds and builds on suspense until its final knock-out reveal.

I had a great time watching the film and thought it was an engaging and creepy ride that keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. 'Gehenna : Where Death Lives' will be in theaters across the U. S and on digital Friday, 5/4 from Uncork’d Entertainment so be sure to check it out.

Released by Uncork’d Entertainment

*** 3/4 Out Of *****