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Genre: Music

Year: 2017

On May 19, 2017, the children of Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy Gibb along with their younger sister of Berry Gibb Rhoades are releasing their first Bee Gees Tribute Album titled, "Gibb Collective: Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights.” It all came about When Maurice's daughter, Samantha Gibb along with producer Lazaro Rodriguez recorded “New York Mining Disaster 1941."

She liked the track so much that she decided to reach out to the rest of the children in the family to see if they were interested in contributing and before she knew it the 10 track tribute album was born. The track listing is as follows:

01. New York Mining Disaster 1941 by Samantha Gibb (Daughter of Maurice Gibb)

02. Don't Fall In Love With Me by Spencer Gibb (Son of Robin Gibb)

03. Morning of My Life by Samantha & Adam Gibb (Daughter & Son of Maurice Gibb)

04. On Time by Stephen Gibb (Son of Barry Gibb)

05. Angel of Mercy by Adam & Samantha Gibb (Daughter & Son of Maurice Gibb)

06. Please Don't Turn Out The Lights by Spencer, Stephen, Adam, Peta, & Samantha

07. I Just Gotta Get A Message To You Travis Gibb remix feat. Samantha Gibb

08. Fool For A Night by Peta Gibb (Daughter Of Andy Gibb)

09. I Can't See Nobody by Berry Gibb Rhoades (The Brother's Youngest Sister)

10. I Started A Joke by Robin John Gibb (Son of Robin Gibb)

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The first single off the album is the title track, "Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights” and what a gem it is. The song features the eldest of all four brothers. One thing I loved about the album was that they choose to do some not so well known songs from the Bee Gees' huge catalog. "Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights” was originally on The Bee Gees 1972 Album, "To Whom It May Concern." The song is the perfect lead single because of its amazing arrangement, a stellar lead by Robin's son, Spencer Gibb and perfect four part harmony.

I loved the entire album and I also loved the fact that just about every child brought their own style to their songs while keeping them very close to the originals. A few of the other highlights to me were, Don't Fall In Love With Me by Robin's son Spencer. I have always loved Spencer's raw and unique voice and he really delivers on a fan favorite his father recorded for the 1981 album, "Living Eyes." Another highlight is "New York Mining Disaster 1941" from Maurice's daughter, Samantha. Samantha has a fantastic voice and she gives the song a whole new feel delivering in a folk like style.

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Another song I loved was, "I Can't See Nobody" by Berry Gibb Rhoades (The Brother's Youngest Sister). I always loved that song and I am still amazed it was the B-side of NYMD because it would have been a huge hit on its own had it been released. And last but not least is what I think is the most daring performance from Robin's son, Robin John Gibb. The song is, "I Started A Joke." We all know how famous Robin made that song so I give Robin John a lot of credit for taking it on. He does the song pretty much the same but his vocal is terrific and I am sure his dad is looking down with a big smile.

"Gibb Collective: Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights” is a fantastic tribute to their fathers and the definitely made all the songs their own. I really hope the album does well because I myself would love to see the children come back with another batch of songs from the brother's amazing catalog. The album will be released on May 19, 2017 so if you are a fan of the Bee Gees music then I highly recommend checking out this terrific offering from their children. You can Pre-order the album, HERE.