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Cast: WWE legend Phil "C.M. Punk" Brooks, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Sarah Brooks

Director: Travis Stevens

Genre: Horror

Year: 2019

Rating: NR

Bursting pipes, rotting walls, and unidentifiable slime were not what Don Koch (WWE legend Phil "CM Punk" Brooks) expected when he convinced his wife, Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn), that he could rehab their new Victorian home himself. In over his head, under duress, and tempted by his old weaknesses, Don soon discovers that the house has its own dark, sordid history and won't be so easy to renovate after all....

'Girl on the Third Floor' tells the story of Don and Liz. A married couple who have their fair share of problems. Don seems to have a hard time keeping on the straight and narrow and when the couple buy a run down old house it will test Don like never before because the house has a history of evil. I heard a lot of good thing about WWE legend Phil "CM Punk" Brooks' performance in the film during its festival run so I was looking forward to checking it out. For a good bit of the film there's a mix of comedy tossed in until it turn full on horror later on in the film. Brooks is perfect at this because he is one of the better actors on the WWE.

Through out the first half of the film there is a lot of slimy stuff coming out of the walls and just about everywhere else. There are also strange noises and marbles being toss on the floor. You find out about the marbles later on in the film. And then there is Sara, a beautiful young lady that just happens to show up at Don's door as if he doesn't have enough to worry about.

After I finished watching the film I wasn't quite sure I liked it, it was different that is sure sure but one thing I know is I was entertained. The acting was one part I enjoyed, I already mentioned Phil Brooks' performance but I also felt that Trieste Kelly Dunn was excellent as well as his wife, Liz. An last no but least I was really impressed with Sarah Brooks who is sexy, beautiful and quite nasty as Sara. The rest of the supporting cast were very good as well.

I did enjoy the cast and I also enjoyed Director, Travis Stevens' choice of using practical effects over CGI. Stevens also did a great job keeping thing interesting and moving at a nice pace all of which were impressive considering this is his first feature film behind the camera.

Girl on the Third Floor will be available on DVD and Blu-ray 1/7/2020 with Special Features that include:

Commentary with Writer/Director/Producer Travis Stevens



The film is worth checking out for Brooks' performance and the over all craziness.

Released by Dark Sky Films

*** Out Of *****