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Cast: Derek Nelson, Makenna Guyler, Rory Wilton, Kane Surry, Rowena Bentley, David Lenik, Tim Cartwright

Director: Charlie Steeds

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror

Year: 2024

Rating: NR

When a daring mission leads a deep sea submarine team into a mysterious opening on the ocean floor, they uncover a lost underwater world and awaken its ancient race of otherworldly beings.

'Gods of the Deep' tells the story of Jim Peters who has taken up the work of his late researcher father who just disappeared a long time ago. Now he gets the chance of a life time to go to the depths of the ocean never before was possible.

He and the rest of the crew head out down to the bottom of the ocean and beyond in a new submersible. They are heading to what looks like a man made gateway of sorts. Not knowing what to expect the crew gets more than they hoped for when a giant creature emerges and put all their lives in danger.

The film is a horror/Sci-Fi that shows that you can make a good looking film on a look budget. Writer/Director, Charlie Steeds did a fantastic job creating believable looking effects and practical effects are make for a great time. He also does a great job of keeping the film moving at a great pace and creating the perfect amount of creepiness and suspense to keep you engaged the entire time.

Another good thing about the film is its cast, everyone did a fantastic job including Derek Nelson, Makenna Guyler, Rory Wilton, Kane Surry, Rowena Bentley, David Lenik and Tim Cartwright. This is what Independent Cinema is all about. If you like creature features and sc-fi thrillers then I highly recommend checking this gem out when it comes to Digital & On Demand February 6th.

Released by Quiver Distribution

*** 1/2 Out Of *****