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Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Samara Weaving, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Ned Dennehy, Rhys Darby

Director: Jason Lei Howden

Genre: Action/Comedy

Year: 2020

Rating: R

Milesí (Daniel Radcliffe) nerdy existence as a video game developer takes a dramatic turn when he inadvertently gets caught up as the next contestant with SKIZM, an underground gang live-streaming real-life death matches. While Miles excels at running away from everything, that wonít help him outlast Nix (Samara Weaving), a killer at the top of her game.

'Guns Akimbo' tells the story of Miles, who works as a video game programmer in a low pay job. He also still has it for his ex-girlfriend but when he gives shit to someone online he soon finds himself an unwilling participate in the underground game called, Skizm where two strangers are forced to kill or be killed for the enjoyment of online viewers. Miles wakes up to fins he has guns bolted to his hands and is told he has to kill the reigning champion, Nix or be killed. At first he is hesitant but soon finds out Nix is not a girl to mess with. After doing a good job of running away he luck soon runs out when the leader of Skizm kidnaps his ex-girlfriend which then forces him into fighting.

I liken 'Guns Akimbo' to one big adrenaline pumping video game for the stakes are are must higher. This is a fun film that has terrific performances from Daniel Radcliffe who plays Miles, Samara Weaving who plays Nix and Ned Dennehy who plays Riktor, the mastermind behind SKIZM. The rest of the cast which large all give very good performances.

Right from the start I was hooked, the film wastes no time getting to the story and bringing on the action. Story wise there actually is one believe it or not plus there are several twists along the way as well. The story also has some social comments about the state of social media. But with that aside 'Guns Akimbo' is fast, loud, funny and just plain awesome. Writer/Director, Jason Lei Howden does a fantastic job with both the story and the fantastic action scenes. The effects are terrific as well and after watching the movie I wonder why it is not getting a wider release in theaters. I loved, Jason Lei Howden's 'Deathgasm' and enjoyed this just as much. He is really on a roll and I look forward to see what he does next.

GUNS AKIMBO will open in the following theaters 2/28/2020:

NYC | Cinema Village

Los Angeles | Arclight Culver City, Arclight Sherman Oaks, Arclight Hollywood, Alamo Drafthouse Downtown

Atlanta | Studio Movie Grill Marrieta

Boston | Arclight Boston

Chicago | Studio Movie Grill Chatham, Arclight Chicago, Music Box Theatre

Dallas | Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley, Alamo Drafthouse Richardson

DC | Arclight Bethesda, Columbus, Gateway Film Center

Duluth MN | Zinema 2

Ft Collins | Lyric Cinema

Houston | Studio Movie Grill Pearland

KC | Screenland Tapcade

Knoxville | Central Cinema

Minneapolis | Alamo Drafthouse Woodbury

Nassau Bahamas | Fusion 9

Orlando | Studio Movie Grill Sunset Walk, Villages Barnstorm

Philadelphia | Studio Movie Grill Upper Darby

Phoenix | Studio Movie Grill Scottsdale, FilmBar

Pittsburgh | Harris Theatre, Parkway Theatre

Tampa | Studio Movie Grill Tampa

Tucson | Loft Cinema

Vancouver WA | Kiggins Theatre.

I highly recommend checking it out on the big screen because I have not seen a film kick as much as as this one in a long time. The film rocks, it is a blood pumping action flick that everyone is going to love.

Released by Saban Films

**** 1/2 Out Of *****


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