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Cast: Ben Solenberger, Stephen Tobolowsky, Clint Howard, Emily Davenport, Nick Burr, Jaymes Camery

Director: Jaymes Camery

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Year: 2016

Rating: R

Two friends since grade school find themselves navigating the pitfalls of modern dating. But as Ben finds himself falling in head over heels love for the first time, he realizes he is stuck in the friend zone. Watching as Julie goes through meaningless relationships he thinks he finally has a chance when she breaks up with her current bad boy. Can he win her over? Will she be open to a relationship? Can they be friends? Find outů

"Guys and Girls Can't Be Friends" tells the story of Ben and Julie, both are 23 years old and both have been friends since grade school. When the two start dating everything seems to be going well as they enjoy being around each other and hanging out but as the relationship moves along you can tell that things are a bit off and get the feeling Ben might be in over his head. He loves Julie but she doesn't quite feel the same.

This is a well-made romantic comedy that has going on, there is romance, drama and laughter as well. You really feel for the main character Ben as he searches for happiness and has to settle for friendship, love and heartbreak, in that order.

The film was directed by Jaymes Camery who also co-wrote the film with Ben Solenberger. The film has a lot going for it including the script which is extremely well-written and realistic. You immediately get sucked into Ben's life and you really want things to work out for him and Julie and even though things don't you never hate on Julie because both characters are very likable.

And speaking of the characters the cast is another great thing about the film. Ben Solenberger and Emily Davenport are both amazing as Ben and Julie and they have great chemistry together. The rest of the supporting cast are terrific as well including two film veterans, Stephen Tobolowsky who plays Ben's father and Clint Howard who plays Gus, a guy that runs a local miniature golf course. Both actors are fantastic as usual and both their characters give Ben a lot of fatherly advice on love and women.

"Guys and Girls Can't Be Friends" is a real sleeper, I really liked the trailer and it peaked my interest in the film but what you don't know by watching the trailer is how much charm and heart the film has. This is a romantic comedy that stays with you after it is over and it breathes new life into the genre. The film is Jaymes Camery feature film debut as a writer and director. Camery also stars in the film as one of Ben's best friends and the Ben Solenberger who stars as Ben also co-wrote the film. Did these two young film makers write the film based on a lot of their on experiences? Perhaps but either way this is an excellent film and I look forward to seeing what these guys do next.

"Guys and Girls Can't Be Friends" might sound a bit sappy to some but let me just say there is something for everyone in the film so you guys out there will enjoy it as well. The film is available now on DVD and you can order it HERE.

Released by Indican Pictures

**** Out Of *****


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