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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Steven Bauer, Jaime Zevallos, Seregon O'Dassey, Yerania Del Orbe, Vinny Vella

Director: David Karges

Genre: Drama

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Two men from New York have their lives converge as they work the night shift as security guards for a prestigious bank. Manny and JP develop a kinship that resembles a father and son relationship.

"Heartlines" follows the lives of two men, Manny use to be a estate mogul but after losing his wife to cancer his life fell apart. His mental health isn't that good either and his son and daughter try to avoid him because he only calls them when he needs something.<> Then there is JP, a security guard in his early 30ís at a bank. It seems as though JP has a pretty good life, he has a beautiful girlfriend and a baby on the way but deep inside he wants more out of life than what he already has and getting his GED is the first step in doing so.

Each man is struggling with their own problems but when Manny lands a job at the bank him and JP connect right away and form a friendship that could save them both from destroying the lives they have.

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"Heartlines" is about two men who are looking to turn their lives around and get back on the right track. This is a realistic drama that deals with real-life problems which makes it very easy to connect to and care about Manny and JP. The film is mostly a drama but there are some lighter moments with a decent amount of humor tossed in so the film doesn't become a complete downer.

Steven Bauer is amazing as Manny, He provides many of the film's lighter moments and his performance and range of emotion are incredible. This is by far one of his finest performances ever. Jaime Zevallos is also terrific as JP, He gives a strong performance and when him and Bauer are together on screen it's movie gold. The supporting cast including, Seregon O'Dassey, Yerania Del Orbe and Vinny Vella are fantastic as well.

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Production wise the film looks and sounds great. "Heartlines" is an amazing little drama, there is so much to like about the film. It's a film that pulls at the heart-strings but it also makes you laugh, gives you a sense of hope and leaves you thinking about it's characters long after it is over. This is what Indie cinema is all about, a story that we can all relate to, characters you feel for and immediately care about and a cast that makes them them to life, I can't recommend checking out this gem enough.

Available now, you can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Maverick Entertainment

**** Out Of *****