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Cast: Paul Kandarian, Karl Kroner, Christopher Fisher

Director: Bradley Grenon

Genre: Drama/Thriller/Short

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

Doc Henry, a veteran bad ass, has been wronged by the most powerful men around. In this small southern town the only thing more important than the law, is the church. Doc Henry has been wronged by both, now it's time for this hermit to seek revenge. He's devised a plan and lived it in his head every day since the incident. He must now face the men and have the conversation he's been waiting for.

"Hell's Company" tells the story of Doc Henry who has waited a very long time to get his revenge on those that did horrible things to his family. One day while sitting around the table a wounded man bursts through the door in need of help. It is Sheriff Elliot who was called to a domestic violence call and was shot. Doc gets him some gauze to hold against the wound while they wait for help to arrive. Shortly after that the town's Reverend walks through the door looking for help with his flat tire. When the Sheriff tells the Reverend that the old man is Doc Henry he doesn't believe him but as time passes he begins to realize the Sheriff is right. Why are these two men there, what drew them to Doc's house and what if any connections do they have with the Doc's past?

"Hell's Company" is a 27 minute Short Film from Writer/Director, Bradley Grenon. The film is a slow-moving character driven drama/thriller that takes place around one table its entire run time. It might sound like a boring time but it is the complete opposite due to some excellent directing, fantastic writing and a cast of three that delivers on each and every line.

Paul Kandarian is perfect as Doc Henry. He has the perfect rugged looks and demeanor for the role. Karl Kroner and Christopher Fisher are both terrific as well as the Reverend and Sheriff. All three men give powerful and realistic performances and they play off each other perfectly.

"Hell's Company" might be slow-moving but it is deliberate and it slowly builds suspense and tension as it moves along. This is an engaging and thought-provoking story of revenge. I really enjoyed the film and recommend it to anyone that likes drama and Indie films. This is about the most perfect 27 minutes of cinema I have spent watching in some time. Check out Director, Bradley Grenon's Facebook page HERE. to find out when and where you can see the film.

Released by Axiomatic Pictures/Stage Daze Films

***** Out Of *****