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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ravi Godse, Richard Kind, Sabrina Bryan, Steve Guttenberg, Rondell Sheridan

Director: Ravi Godse

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

A doctor discovers that he only has 6 months to live. He decides to make a list of 6 friends whose lives he will improve by affecting some match-making and career/personality changes before he is gone. The more he realizes that his match-making is futile and his friends are worse off, the harder he tries to help—resulting in disaster!

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A story about someone that finds out they only have six months to live and decides to make others happy instead of feeling story for themselves sounds like a sad, and inspiring story but you are not going to find that here. "Help Me Help You" AKA "If It Ain't Broke Fix It" is instead a comedy that never really takes itself too serious and the result is hilarious.

After finding out he doesn't have long to live Dr. Ravi decides to make six people is knows happier, he attempts to make his not-so-bright secretary...well bright, he also attempts to get a friend enrolled in medical school as well as attempting to set up a friend for love. As you might of guessed nothing works the way the Doctor planned and he even gets himself in hot water with his wife who thinks he is having an affair.

Writer/Director and star of the film, Ravi Godse is a real life Doctor and he always casts himself in his films as..well himself just a funnier version. I am happy to say that the Doctor's office is a stone's away from me here in Pittsburgh which I found surprising and I also found it to be pretty damn cool. I would love to meet the guy and shake his hand because he has such an amazing sense of humor. I have not seen any of his other two films but I hope to be able to hunt them down now that I have seen "Help Me Help You." Director, Ravi has surrounded himself with a terrific cast here including Sabrina Bryan as his not so intelligent yet in a cute way secretary, Bryan play's the role perfectly and she is also a true beauty. The film also star's Richard Kind as Ravi’s lawyer, Kind is always terrific in every role he takes on and it's no different here and Rondell Sheridan is great as a friend and simple man that just is not cut out to be in the medical field. Finally, how can you not love a movie that has Steve Guttenberg in it? Steve is fantastic in his role as a poetry instructor, yes it may sound like a mis-cast but it works perfectly. What happens in the film? Will Dr. Ravi finally meet his end and will those he is trying to help find the happiness he so wants them to have? Well you are just going to have to see the film and find out for yourself because giving the answers here would be a crime.

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"Help Me Help You" is an off-beat comedy that may or may not appeal to everyone but if you are looking for something different or just enjoy these off the wall type comedies with zany characters then I highly recommend picking it up when it comes out on DVD September 27th. "Help Me Help You" is a comedy that delivers on every level, I loved the story of looking out for others before yourself and the comedy never stops, if laughter is the perfect medicine then this is the cure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You can Pre-order the DVD HERE.

Released by Monarch Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****