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Cast: Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law, Major League, The Dentist), Ellen Adair (The Sinner, Homeland), Dana Snyder (Master Shake of Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and Jeremy Holm (House of Cards, Mr. Robot

Director: Steven Pierce

Genre: Drama/Action/Horror

Year: 2023


When Jamie Miller and her wife, Alex Kanai, try to save their failing marriage by going on a canoe trip in rural Missouri, they find themselves stranded after an accident. Alex breaks her leg during a canoe flip and they must slowly make their way to the nearest small town for help. Upon arriving they find it has been overrun by virus-infected “Heps” and extreme right wing local militias who are battling them.

The leader of one of the groups, "Big John Gruber", shuttles them to safety at his bunker where they are welcomed by a seemingly friendly group of locals, but after witnessing personal and gruesome horrors, the women know they must escape.

Jamie and Alex now find themselves on the run, caught between the group that saved them, a competing militia, and the growing infected Hep threat.

'Herd' is a character driven Horror/Drama that focuses on a couple who are all in a failing marriage and decide to go on a canoe trip to ease the tension. At the same time there is a viral outbreak but the news reports say it is under control. During an argument on the boat it tips over and Alex suffers a broken leg. They slowly walk to try and find help only to find out that the virus is worse than reported. After meeting up with a group of people run by "Big John Gruber" they have no choice but to join them at their bunker for safety.

Besides the "Heps" or infected they also find out there is a local militia that is not only battling the 'Heps" but also fighting anyone for what is left of major supplies. After spending time in the bunker the two decide to leave and steal the camper but it doesn't go as planned and now everything that is going on comes together in a deadly showdown of survival.

Director, Steven Pierce has created a thinking man's zombie film that delivers on drama, horror and action. The film is also filled with tension and suspense and it shows how evil human nature can become when faced with uncertainty. The film also benefits fron an incredible cast including, Ellen Adair (The Sinner, Homeland), Mitzi Akaha (Modern Love Tokyo), Jeremy Holm (House of Cards, Mr. Robot), Amanda Fuller (Starry Eyes, Last Man Standing), Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Brandon James Ellis (Iron Fist), Jeremy Lawson (TV's Walker, TV's The Real O'Neals), Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law, Major League, The Dentist) and Timothy V. Murphy (Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds). If you like zombie films and are looking for something with a bit more substance then I highly recommend check this out.

Released by Dark Sky Films

**** Out Of *****