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Cast: Ely LaMay, Veronica Lavary, Stephanie Gerard, John Barrymore, Calista Carradine, Jasmine Leo

Director: James L. Bills

Genre: Horror

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

Beautiful young Hitchhikers are being slaughtered on the desert highways by a cannibalistic madman. Sally is trying to make her way back home when shes picked up by the killer can she survive the night or will she become Road-Kill in this 80s style horror blood-bath!

"Hitchhiker Massacre" wastes no time getting going, the film's opening scene shows a young lady tied to a chair in a room. She manages to get out of the room but not the house before someone grabs her and she meets her horrible fate. Then the first settles in a bit as we meet our lead character, Sally who is heading home when she has decides to trek it instead of getting a ride. Somewhere along the way she meets up with an older man who seems friendly enough so she accepts the ride into town he offers. The problem is there have been a number of young female hitchhikers who have gotten killed along the highway recently and when Sally's new friend doesn't take her into town as promised she quickly realizes her life is in danger.

"Hitchhiker Massacre" is the first narrative feature film from Writer/Director, James L. Bills. There are a lot of things to like about the film and a few things that could have used some work. For starters, the film could have used a bit more gore, I take it that the budget was a problem but with a film such as this the more killings and blood the better. Secondly, there are a number of different characters in the film that you know nothing about so it is hard to feel for any of them. Luckily the main character, Sally is developed enough for us to invest our time in.

And now on to the good things about the film, I liked the look and feel of the film and it did create enough suspense and over all atmosphere to get into it. I also thought the cast did a good job including, Ely LaMay who plays Sally and John Blyth Barrymore who does a great job playing the madman, Slim.

The story which I won't spoil here is interesting enough to keep you watching and along with the horror there is also some drama and the film is even funny in parts to help lighten the load as well. And last but certainly not least there are hot babes showing off their assets as well which should please all the guys.

I enjoyed "Hitchhiker Massacre" even though it could have been better but this being the Director's first narrative I thought he did a fine job and I see his work getting a lot better in the future. The film does suffer from lack of on screen kills and gore but in the end I still had a good time with it and I think fans of Indie cinema will enjoy it as well. The film will be available on July 4th so be sure to check it out. I want to thank the film's Producer, J. Horton for supplying me with a copy for review.

Released by Green Apple Entertainment

*** Out Of *****