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Cast: Erin Gavin, Steven Martini, Gabriela Kulaif, Gavin O’Fearraigh

Director: Mary Gallagher

Genre: Drama/Thriller/Supernnatural

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

Holistay, which lensed in Vegas, follows two couples - Finn and Branna from Ireland and Tony and Gia from New York. They do not know each other until they double book a vacation house in San Diego. Unable to reach the owners, the couples decide to all stay at the house since decent lodging is scarce that weekend. They find they all get along although one couple harbors a dark secret.

The very next day strange events begin to unfold. Finn and Tony see a strange hooded figure lurking around the house. Branna finds her suitcase toppled over when no one was home while Tony hears wailing and screeching at night although seeing no one. The two couples must face a looming doom that shadows them culminating on one horrific night. Things are not as they appear.

'Holistay' is the feature film debut of Writer/Director, Mary Gallagher. The film centers on two couple's who are on vacation when they both book the same rental property in San Diego. The film is a character driven mystery/thriller with a bit of the supernatural rather than a horror film. Done on a low budget Mary Gallagher uses the story and the acting skills of the cast to keep the audience engaged until the more interesting part of the story kicks.

There is a lot of mystery involved in the film and they are revealed slowly as the film moves along allowing for a nice twist ending that will satisfy most viewers. The cast including the films stars, Steven Martini, Erin Gavin, Gavin O'Fearraigh and Gabriela Kulaif all give excellent performances.

'Holistay' may not be for everyone since there is no real sense of fear or blood in the movie but the story keeps you interested as you wait to find out what is going to happen to these two couples. Things are not what they seem in this secretive, supernatural drama/thriller that will have your eyes locked on the screen. 'Holistay' is a great start for Writer/Director, Mary Gallagher. I hope to see more from her in the future. In the mean time I recommend checking out this little Indie gem.

*** 1/2 Out Of *****