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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Brendan McCarthy, Joe Egender, Emma Greenwell

Director: Mitchell Altieri

Genre: Psychological Thriller/Drama

Year: 2013

Rating: R

In this psychological thriller, 19-year-old Charlotte (Emma Greenwell) enlists the help of alcoholic ex-Marine Wayne (Brendan McCarthy) to find her estranged sister who has gone missing deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Their search leads them to the Church of One Accord and the enigmatic snake-handling preacher Brother Billy (Joe Egender), who's devoted congregation of outcasts knowingly risk injury or death seeking salvation in the Holy Ghost. What Wayne and Charlotte uncover during their time on the mountain - about themselves and the nature of faith - will shake them to their core, as the mystery of Charlotte's sister and her fate unravels.

"Holy Ghost People" tells the story of two lost souls, Charlotte and Wayne who meet when Wayne is beat up one night at a bar the Charlotte works at. She takes him home but the next morning Wayne doesn't seem very thankful or friendly for that matter. But after a bit of coaxing Charlotte persuades Wayne to ride to a church in the Appalachian Mountains so that she can reunite with her sister and bring her home. Charlotte received a disturbing message from her sister asking for help. After arriving at the Church of One Accord they quickly learn that this is no ordinary church nor is their snake handling leader, Brother Billy. Charlotte decides to stay an extra day to see if her sister is there but she sees no sign of her so she decides to do a bit more snooping around herself and she finds prove that her sister was indeed there but when she confronts Brother Billy about her it leads to a deadly confrontation.

"Holy Ghost People" is a slow moving thriller that is character driven with lots of drama to guide it. The Gothic tale is full of atmosphere and the cinematography is brilliant. The church which is in the middle of nowhere really adds to the over all feel of the film as well. You get the feeling that you could easily be taken out and no one would ever find you in the middle of nowhere.

The film is deliberately slow but instantly engaging, but what really makes the film is the characters and the stand out performances by Joe Egender as Brother Billy, Emma Greenwell as Charlotte and Brendan McCarthy as Wayne. What amazing performances by all three of these very talented actors. The supporting cast were all terrific as well. There is a lot to like here, I was a bit worried at first that this might be a long boring film to watch but I was dead wrong. I was instantly drawn into the story and the lives of the characters, it was very easy for me to feel for each and everyone of them in one way or another and I thought the suspense filled ending was perfect. "Holy Ghost People" is a sleeper hit for me, I never expected it to be the gem that it turned out to be. I highly recommend this to everyone that likes a good thriller or to those who might be looking for something a bit different to watch.

Available on DVD with Special Features that include:

Deleted Scenes

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Released by Xlrator Media

**** Out Of *****