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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Duane Allen-Robinson, Nina Ashe, Sheldon Shaw, Tiffany-Denise, Ruby Miles

Director: Eugene J. Ashe

Genre: Drama

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

A group of college friends reunite for homecoming weekend nearly 20 years after graduation. They happily reminisce about their university memories, teasing each other and rekindling their close friendships. But cracks in the surface start to show as they remember one of their old roommates, Robert, whose recent death brings up long-hidden secrets, lingering emotions and painful regrets. With college in their rear view mirror, the group must learn to embrace the power of friendship, love and forgiveness.

"Homecoming" tells the story of five friends who attended the same college together in the 90's, the group has stayed in touch over the years but not as much as they would of liked to so they decide to get together for a weekend of fun. What starts off as a joyous occasion soon becomes a bit more dramatic as on secrets and flings begin to surface causing everyone to express how they have really felt since way back then.

I was pretty impressed with this little Indie drama, there is a little bit of everything you would expect from a film such as this. There is plenty of drama but there is also a bit of humor as well to lighten the mood from time to time but it is all executed very well making the film a very engaging one with realistic and believable characters. Writer/Director, Eugene Ashe does a great job introducing his characters and making you feel for them in one way or another, he also does a great job at keep the story real and moving at a nice pace. The story grabs your attention right from the start, you can tell each charter has been living in the past for all these years but you constantly want to know more.

I purposely avoided talking about the plot or what goes on among the characters so not to ruin the film for those wanting to see it but I can tell you that this is an entertaining drama that is at times very powerful but like I said before there is also a nice bit of humor as well as some romance tossed in. I cannot forget to mention the cast here, without them delivering on these complex characters the film would not be complete. I am not going to single out any one actor here because the cast did a terrific job including, Duane Allen-Robinson, Nina Ashe, Sheldon Shaw, Tiffany-Denise, Ruby Miles.

"Homecoming" will be on DVD and Digital Download October 22, 2013, you can order it HERE. An emotional film that immediately gets you invested in it and its characters and it leaves you thinking about it long after it is over.

Released by Image Entertainment

**** Out Of *****