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Cast: Neal Ward (Two Graves, To Dream), Samantha Loxley (Election Night, Skin Deep),Frank Jakeman (A View to Kill, Rise of the Krays), Nadia Lamin, Lee Hunter (Vikings, Eastenders), Jennifer Preston, Buddy Skelton

Director: Adam Leader and Richard Oakes

Genre: Horror

Year: 2020

Rating: NR

On Christmas Eve, an innocent couple become hosts to a malicious entity. Throughout the night they proceed to terrorize a family of five in unimaginably violent and disturbing ways. But these demonic possessions won't end with this unfortunate family; they mark just the beginning of a horrific worldwide epidemic. Beneath its nerve-jangling suspense, the film offers a dark and bloody insight into how lying to your loved ones can not only alienate them, it can completely destroy your bonds with them forever.

'Hosts' tells the story of a family of five as they invite a couple who lives nearby over for Christmas dinner. The film spends a little time introducing us to all the characters and by doing so giving us a bit of background on each one as well.

Things seen fine until the couple get taken over by something demonic. When the couple arrive at the family's home they are sober faced and they don't do much talking but the act very strange. The Family notices the couple's odd behavior but don't say much about it.

While they are having dinner is when all hell breaks loose. It is a gruesome first scene of the film but it won't be the last. 'Hosts' reminded me of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" so I wouldn't say it was an original film and it doesn't break any new ground but it does bring its own ideas and for what it succeeds on doing what it set out to do.

This is an effective horror film that engages the audience and terrorizes them at the same time. It is also a family drama about hiding secrets that eventually comes out later in the movie. This adds a nice little twist to the overall story.

Acting wise everyone in the film did a great job playing their characters including, Neal Ward, Nadia Lamin, Frank Jakeman . The film was directed by Adam Leader and Richard Oakes and was written by Adam Leader. This was their first feature film as directors and besides a few scenes being a little too long this was a great effort.

I enjoyed 'Hosts' and thought it got better and better as it went along. I was a bit concerned as to how they would end it but I thought the ending was perfect. 'Hosts' is a bloody good time and I recommend it to all fans of horror so be sure to check it out when it comes out when Dark Sky Films proudly brings HOSTS to DVD on November 10th.

Released by Dark Sky Films

**** Out Of *****