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Cast: Kevin Dillon, Mel Gibson, Shannen Doherty, Sam Asghari, Michael Welch

Director: James Cullen Bressack

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2022

Rating: R

'Hot Seat' begins as IT expert Friar finds a hair-trigger bomb strapped to his desk chair. An unseen hacker orders him to steal digital funds online or have his daughter abducted. As a fearless bomb expert arrives on the scene, the hacker frames Friar as the bomber. The tension mounts as Friar races to clear his name and expose the real terroristówithout getting himself blown to smithereens.

An ex-hacker is forced to break into high-level banking institutions, another man must try to penetrate the booby-trapped building to get the young man off the hot seat.

'Hot Seat' is a low-budget thriller that has more going for it than not. Director, James Cullen Bressack does a great job at keeping the film moving at a good pace while building tension and suspense as it moves along.

Obviously filmed on a limited budget some of the effects are below the norm and some of the acting is as well. I also thought the story could have been better and some of the lines are cringe worthy but it also has some funny dialogue as well.

One of the reasons why the film rises above is its main cast. When you have Kevin Dillon, Mel Gibson, Shannen Doherty in your film it's a bonus but the best performance for me came from Michael Welch.

Despite its obvious flaws 'Hot Seat' is still an entertaining thriller with a nice twist at the end. The film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray August 9, 2022 so be sure to check it out.

Released by Lionsgate

*** Out Of *****