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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Steve Austin, Marie Avgeropoulos, Gil Bellows, Gary Daniels, Michael Eklund, Victor Formosa, Michael Hogan, Adrian Holmes, Eric Roberts

Director: Keoni Waxman

Genre: Action/Adventure

Year: 2010

Rating: R

U.S. Border Patrol agent Jim Rhodes (Steve Austin), a deadly hunter whose only weak spot is his daughter, Kim (Marie Avgeropoulos), is forced to take violent revenge when a group of desperate thieves, led by the wily Banks (Gil Bellows), kidnaps Kim after a robbery. Banks demands that Rhodes lead them on foot through treacherous terrain to freedom across the border, but when he's crossed, Rhodes can't contain his fury.

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With the exception of "The Expendables" it seems was though Steve Austin has gone the straight-to-video route but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Austin plays Jim Rhodes, a U.S. Border Patrol agent who has a teenage daughter that has gotten into some trouble so he heads to the police station but when he arrives he finds that a group of deadly thieves have taken over the station and have his daughter as a hostage. In order to keep her safe he agrees to lead them through dangerous terrain to the border where they can escape to freedom. The film doesn't offer up anything new as far as the genre goes and there are several plot holes along the way but if you take the film for what it is you're sure to find it entertaining enough in "Rambo" tradition. Austin is built for this type of role and he handles the action scenes with ease and there is plenty of it to please all fans of the genre. Gil Bellows also does a great job as the leader of the bad guys. The rest of the cast did a good job as well playing their characters, it was nice to see Eric Roberts in the movie as well but sadly he was only in it for a few minutes. I thought Hunt To Kill despite it's obvious flaws was a decent film with some bone crunching action, the hand to hand fights were well staged and very effective. If you're looking for an insightful story look elsewhere because this isn't one but it you're a fan of action then I highly recommend checking his one out.

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Hunt To Kill should be a popular title since Austin's exposure in "The Expendables" this past summer and I think most fans of the genre are going to find it to be a good popcorn flick that doesn't try to be anything more than it is. The film wastes no time getting started and the action doesn't stop till the final few frames. The production values were also pretty good, there is some nice scenery and the soundtrack fit the film perfectly. With a little more time spent fleshing out the characters and story this could of been a real gem but as it is the film still makes for an entertaining time. The DVD and Blu-ray both come with Special Features that include:

Audio Commentary with Director Keoni Waxman and Actor Michael Eklund

Behind The Scenes of Hunt To Kill

You can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

*** Out Of *****