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Cast: Kris Savi, Fiore Leo, Justin Thibault

Director: Christopher Di Nunzio

Genre: Short, Crime, Drama

Year: 2019

Rating: NR

A man lost while driving, turns into a motel and calls a specialist to help him get back on track.

As the film opens we see a man, Valentine Biltmore inside a motel room. He is pacing and drinking and seems a nervous, on the edge about something. He also has a gun which he pulls out when there is a sudden knock on the door. After looking out he puts the gun away and lets in Vernon Weiss, a tall man carrying a briefcase. He goes on to tell the man he found his card on the cork board at the motel and that he is lost and needs the man's professional help.

It is not long before their conversation ends and he takes the man outside to show him the root of his problem and why he feels lost.

'I Am a Rain Dog' is the new Short Film from Director, Christopher Di Nunzio. Christopher is a very talented director and has done such classics as, "Delusion" and A "Life Not to Follow" to name only a few. He has always been an attention to detail film maker and this is just another example of his stellar work. The film was written and produced by Kris Salvi who also stars in the film as Valentine Biltmore alongside Fiore Leo who plays Vernon Weiss and Justin Thibault who plays James Krumpt. All three men are great in the film but for me Kris Salvi is the star here. He chews up every scene like he has in every other movie I have seen him in.

The film is amazing and there isn't a second in its 12 minute run time that goes wasted but I expect nothing less going into it from Director, Christopher Di Nunzio. I am not going to sit here and spoil the film for anyone who is waiting to see it but I will say that it is a crime film that has you thinking right from the start and it leaves you in deep thought long after it is over and in between it will even have you guessing about it all a bit. This is a smart and tense film that will keep you glued to the screen the entire time.

**** Out of *****