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Cast: Lily Collins, Simon Pegg, Connie Nielsen, Chace Crawford and Patrick Warburton

Director: Vaughn Stein

Genre: Drama/Mystery/Thriller

Year: 2020

Rating: NR

A patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his wife and daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to unravel and destroy their lives.

'Inheritance' tells the story of the Monroe family who are rich and all involved in politics in some some. When the father, Archer suddenly dies of a heart attack the family goes into political mode making sure there are no skeletons in the closet that can hurt their future. Archer's wife, daughter and son gather at the reading of the will. It seems as though he liked his son more and leaves him 20M and only leaves Lauren 1M.

But after the reading the family's lawyer pulls Lauren aside and hands her another part of her inheritance. It is a key and a flash drive. On it her father explains very little except that there is something in the underground bunker on the family property that needs to be kept a secret forever.

Nothing could prepare her for what she was going to find. Lauren has always been different from her father which is why he treated her the way he did. She is always doing what is right but the secret is uncovers puts her a position that will either keep the secret where it is at or perhaps expose the family for all their dirty secrets and jeopardize everything.

'Inheritance' is a Drama, Mystery, Thriller that gets your attention right from the start. You might even start thinking, what is going on during the film's opening scenes. But don't worry you will be filled in as the film moves along.

Like most films this one does have its plot holes but aside from that this is a pretty entertaining thriller that is carried by its mystery, twists and its amazing cast. Lilly Collins is fantastic as Lauren ans Simon Pegg is superb as the bad guy in the film. Connie Nielsen is great as Mrs. Monroe and Chace Crawford is solid as the son, William.

'Inheritance' is a slow moving thriller that reveals its secrets slowly and it offers up several big twists as it moves along. Three is a lot to digest in the film but Director, Vaughn Stein handles all of it very well. He does a great job at keeping the audience guessing while feeding you just enough to stay engaged.

I really enjoyed this thriller, perhaps more than others will but I thought is was well directed, the story kept me glued my seat and the cast was terrific. If you like a good movie with a lot of mystery then I highly recommend checking out this taut thriller out. Inheritance is available on DirecTV now and will be available On Digital and On Demand on May 22 from Vertical Entertainment.

Released by Vertical Entertainment

*** 3/4 Out Of *****