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Cast: Alex Lucchesi, Roberto D'Antona, Ivan King

Director: Eros D'Antona

Genre: Action/Comedy

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

Escaping from the Mafia family which he had been working for, Frank is hiding in a little town in southern Italy. Katia is the new boss of the family and wants revenge on Frank. She pays a sadomasochist named Condom, who doesn't seem to be a proper killer to do the job. Accompanied by his loyal right hand Adam, Condom will start a blood bath that will not soon be forgotten.

"Insane" is the perfect title for this crazy action comedy from Writer/Director, Eros D'Antona. An Italian Indie film that is funny and packed with excessive violence, the main character, Condom is a sadomasochist and the more he is hurt the more of a kick he gets out of it plus he has his own style of torture that will have you looking away.

Some have said the film has a Quentin Tarantino style to it and perhaps it does but lets give it credit for being unique, original and just plain fun. It is full of colorful characters and intense yet funny situations. The plot is pretty straight forward and simple so I am not going to go into any more details about what happens but I will say that it is well written and very well acted.

The film has numerous characters in it and everyone in the film did a great job of bringing them to life but the stand out performance has to belong to Roberto D'Antona who is simply hilarious and twisted as Condom. I haven't had this much fun with a character in some time. "Insane" isn't going to be for everyone but fans of Independent films are sure to love it. Available on DVD with Special Features that included:

Behind the Scenes


You can order it HERE. This is Director, Eros D'Antona's first feature film and its quite the debut. I certainly look forward to seeing what this talented film maker has in store for us next but in the mean time I highly recommend checking out this wildly entertaining film, it is a true gem.

Released by Brink Vision

***** Out Of *****

Insane trailer from BrinkVision on Vimeo.