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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jason Behr, Monet Mazur, Krysten Ritter, Lucy Gordon, Mike Landry, India Ennenga, Polina Frantsena, Jessica Gomes, Maria Jurado, Lydia Hearst, Nicole Trunfio, Leticia Cline, Amber Noelle Ehresmann, Leah Cary, Shannan Click

Director: Steve Clark

Genre: Drama

Year: 2008

Rating: R

When playboy and one-hit-wonder novelist Jack Frost (Jason Behr) learns that his childhood sweetheart is getting married, he tries to drown his sorrows by dramatically escalating his self-destructive drinking and womanizing. Frost's pals try to coax him back from the brink, but only a precocious youngster (India Ennenga) in his apartment building finds a way around his defenses.

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An adult drama about a playboy living in New York who begins to spiral down a road of destruction when he finds out his childhood love and best friend is engaged to be married. Jack does everything he can to stop her from doing so but when he realizes that nothing is working he goes into a deep depression and starts using an excess of drugs and alcohol until his 11-year-old neighbor Sophie helps him over-come his problems. The film is full of partying and sex themes but what I found most enjoyable about it was the little girl and her relationship with Jack, you get the sense the girl doesn't have much of a home life, perhaps her parents are too busy working, but it all seemed to make her wise beyond her years and she uses that to be Jack's conscience in a time when he needs it the most. Like I said the film is for adults but I loved the sensitive side of the story and thought it really took the film to another level. The cast was fantastic across the board but Jason Behr as Jack and India Ennenga as Sophie are the highlights here, India is a terrific young actress and I see a bright future ahead of her. Director, Steve Clark does a great job at telling the story and even with it's adult themes he keeps everything classy and he keeps the film moving at a great pace. The characters are well developed, you care about them in one way or another and even though the story is a serious one it is at times funny as well. The cinematography is fantastic and the music fits the film perfectly.

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Like all films this one is not without it's flaws but as a whole I found it to be a pretty entertaining movie and I recoomend it to all fan's of the genre. You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by MTI Home Video

*** 1/2 Out Of *****