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Cast: Simon Howells, Sarah-Louise Tyler

Director: Richard Swingle

Genre: Drama/Mystery

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

A man and a woman wake up in a blacked out room. Neither of them has any memory of who they are and how they got there. They discover that they are locked inside this room and that they are surrounded by a series of items, each of which has a relevance to revealing their identity. The mystery to unlocking their relationship unravels as they help each other to remember who they are and also why they are captive ‘In this room.’

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In This room opens in total darkness, there are two voices heard, one is a man the other is a woman. Both seem confused and a bit scared. Neither remembers who they are, who the other is or how the got where they are. They are both locked a small room that a bunch of odds and ends around. These items will later help them remember some things about themselves.

As you might expect the film is filled with heavy doses of drama and mystery as the two try ad figure out who the are and how to get out of the room they find themselves trapped in. As the story moves along they start remember little things about themselves but then they suffer a set back when other things are discovered in the room. To be honest this is a very hard film to talk about without ruining any of the story for those wanting to see the movie so I am not going to go on about it here.

What I can talk about is the film itself, the story grabs your attention right from the start and once engaged you quickly become invested in finding out not only who these two people are but if they get out of the room all. As the film movies along there is a lot of questions but few answers so naturally I began to wonder if the film was going to have a good pay-off at the end, after-all that is why I invested my time on the story and the characters. I can tell you with a big smile on my face that the story does have a terrific if not shocking revelation at the end.

Any time you make a film on little to no budget and use just location and limited characters you depend on two things to make it work. One is the story, it has to be able to not only grab the audience's attention right from the start but it also has to be able to keep it as well. The other thing that you depend on is the cast to deliver solid performances and make their characters as realistic and believable as possible. To answer the first part I have to say that Writer/Director, Richard Swingle has created a story that gets your attention and it keeps it and his director is flawless. I also want to add how amazing the film looks and sounds as well.

Now on to the acting, yes it is very important for any film but more so in a small film such as this and I have to say I was floored by the brilliant performances here. Simon Howells and Sarah-Louise Tyler are both incredible here and they play off one another perfectly. They were a joy to watch.

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"In This Room" does not have flashy effects or elaborate action scenes but it says a story that is original and captivating and it has characters you easily feel for. If you like a good drama or are just looking for something a bit different to watch I recommend checking this little gem out. You can buy it HERE. You can also visit the film's Official site for more information and the trailer HERE.

I am happy I got to see this amazing piece of cinema and even happier promoting it so others can see it as well.

Released by Long Wednesday Productions

**** Out Of *****