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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Camille Keaton

Director: Meir Zarchi

Genre: Horror

Year: 1978

Rating: N/R

Jennifer, a writer who is working on a new novel and needs to get out of the city to finish it. She rents a riverside cabin in upstate New York to work on her novel, attracting the attention of a number of rowdy male locals. They catch Jennifer one day and strip her naked for the village idiot (Matthew) and rape her. Jennifer is later attacked and raped a further two times by the four degenerates, and her novel is also destroyed. But Jennifer recovers, and in her now-twisted, psychotic state, she begins to seek revenge on the men.

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Over 30 years later the classic film gets a Blu-ray release the same week the remake is released to DVD and Blu-ray. The original "I Spit on Your Grave" has been called many things over the years include vile and disgusting but it is a film you will remember for a very long time. Even after all these years it still remains as shocking as ever, the film contains no light or comical scenes instead it forces you to meet the horrors of rape and violence head on and it is unrelenting. I was excited to see that Anchor Bay decided to give the film an updated release at the same time they released the remake, be warned both films contain scenes of brutal, graphic violence and rape which makes both very hard films to watch so if you don't have the stomach for movies such as these I highly recommend you stay away.

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This Uncut classic comes loaded with Special Features that include:

Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Meir Zarchi

Audio Commentary with Author/Historian Joe Bob Briggs

The Values of Vengeance: Meir Zarchi Remembers I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE

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I highly recommend listening to both audio commentaries as they shed some light on what the meant to the filmmakers and the points they were attempting to get across, it does give you a bit more insight.

If this type a horror entertains you then I highly suggest picking this up, even if you already own the film on some other format it is well-worth the upgrade.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

***** Out Of *****