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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Sean Elliot, Lance Henriksen

Director: Scooter Downey

Genre: Thriller/Horror/Drama

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

One year after a tragic incident tore their family apart; a grieving son and his estranged father embark on a journey into the wild to reconcile their past. When a horrifying accident leaves the father badly injured and strands them in the wild, it is up to the son to save them both. However, this wilderness is not what it seems and as they deteriorate, so too does reality. Horrifying creatures, ghostly apparitions-- are they all in their heads… or could the truth be far more terrible?

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As the film opens we see a man running through the woods, as he runs out of room there are demons waiting, reaching out to grab him. The film quickly shifts to the title screen and we get to meet October , a young man on his way to visit his father, Russell. They are trying to reconnect after not seeing each other for years. Something happened to the both of them in the past that binds them together and causes some mixed emotions to this day. At this point we don't know what the event was but you can tell it was something terrible that they both want to leave behind and move on with their lives. After October arrives they decide to go on a hunting and camping trip to try to bond and get past their differences. It doesn't take long before the two start hearing and seeing strange things, when Russell sees something that startles him he falls down a hillside and badly injures his leg. Not being able to walk leaves the two men stranded with no supplies and to make matters worse the thing they both seen before is back and it is determined to get them.

The film unfolds from there with both men doing their best to survive the elements and whatever is out there watching and waiting for its chance to attack. The film plays out in real time but it also uses flashbacks of the terrible event that changed their lives forever, the use of the flashbacks are very well placed and effective and they tie the story together very well. In the beginning of the film we find out that October has a photographic memory, you think nothing of it at the time but it comes in handy as the story moves along.

"It's in the Blood" may not be a film for everyone but for those looking for something a bit different this is definitely one to check out. Director, Scooter Downey does an amazing job at keeping the film from becoming too confusing, there's a lot at play here but most of what is happening as well as what happened in the past remains a mystery through most of the film which really puts you at the edge of your seat the entire time. Downey is a first time director to keep an eye on in the future.

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Mystery isn't the only thing that the film brings to the table, the woods create the perfect feeling of dread and isolation and the shadowy creatures in the distance are about as frightening as you can get. Finally, a movie that deals with just two characters stuck in the woods with nowhere to run or hide needs to have actors that can deliver on their characters and this film has just that. Sean Elliot who also co-wrote the script is terrific as October and he stands toe to toe with veteran, Lance Henriksen who gives one of his best performances of his career as Russell. Both are incredible to watch and they really bring their characters to life.

I stated before that the film may not be for everyone, I say that because this isn't exactly a mainstream horror film but that is what makes it so damn good. It is more a psychological thriller with elements of horror but a lot of the story is about these two men who are dealing with dealing with personal demons from their past. "It's in the Blood" is a masterful gem that keeps the audience guessing and terrified the entire time. I cannot recommend seeing this fantastic piece of cinema enough.

Available on DVD April 23, 2013, you can pre-order it HERE.

This is a film worth seeing, worth revisiting and one that sticks with you long after it is over.

Released by Monarch Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****