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Cast: Stephanie Finochio, William Forsythe, Armand Assante, Eric Roberts

Director: Fred Carpenter

Genre: Action

Year: 2014

Rating: R

Jesse (Stephanie Finochio) is a good cop capable of very bad things. A police detective with a hot temper and body to match, she s sworn to uphold the law, but she ll bend it any way she can to protect her family and make sure the low-lifes infecting the putrid underbelly of Nassau County, Long Island are brought to swift and decisive justice. When a drug deal involving her brother goes bad and her mother is brutally beaten, Jesse takes matters into her own sexy, self-assured hands, dispensing capital punishment with a vengeance. In the tradition of classics like Death Wish and Walking Tall , Jesse is a gritty, no-holds-barred story of a tough, fiery woman in a corrupt man s world who battles both crime and the system to help make things right.

This is a pure example of do not judge a book by it's cover. Going off the art work this looked to be a cool Indie action flick with a few veteran actors in it to give the film some real star power, but right from the start I could tell this was going to be a below average affair.

For starters the dialogue and the editing are just plain bad and then there is the acting, Stephanie Finochio gives an ok performance here but she lacks the acting skills to play lead. The only three good actors in the film were William Forsythe, Armand Assante and Eric Roberts, every time they are on screen the film gets instantly better but they are not in the film very much to make a difference.

Production wise the film could of looked better and the sound needed some work as well. I always try and find something good about every film I review but this one made it hard to do so. Besides the three veteran actors I already mentioned there is not much to feel good about. This was one of the few films I struggled to get through.

"Jesse" is available on DVD with no Special Features included, you can order it HERE.

Released by Arc Entertainment

* Out Of *****